Spoilers: Max's nude picture exposed to all in Corrie blackmail horror?

Max Turner (Paddy Bever) could be about to receive a taste of his own medicine in Coronation Street as someone threatens to make a nude photograph of him go viral.

A few weeks ago, Max was responsible for making Nicky (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) lose her job at Weatherfield High.

After Max sent photos of Nicky’s sex-worker career around the whole school, the teaching assistant was suspended, leading to her leaving the cobbles once more.

Coming up, as Max prepares for his date with Sonya, a girl from his new school, he receives a message from her on social media.

The message from Sonya asks Max for a picture of ‘the whole package’, which leaves Max a little hesitant.

With Sonya telling Max she wants to know what to expect, he returns home and unbuttons his shirt.

Over dinner, when Max mentions the photo, Sonya is puzzled and reveals she never received any messages from him.

Realising he’s being set up, Max phone then pings another message, asking for £1k or his naked picture goes viral!

But what will Max do?

How desperate will he get to ensure the blackmailer doesn’t win?

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