Spoilers: Mick promises to die with Linda in EastEnders as they drown

With Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) having signed the divorce papers in EastEnders, there was tension aplenty between he and Linda (Kellie Bright) during tonight’s episode, as the BBC One soap kicked off its spectacular 35th anniversary week in an epic fashion with a heart-racing instalment that saw chaos ensue aboard the party boat on the Thames, which resulted in Linda finding herself in a deadly situation, and — in spite of the conflict between them — Mick refused to leave his beloved L’s side in emotional scenes. 

Linda was delighted at the prospect of Mick having signed the divorce papers — or at least she was pretending to be — and thus, poured the bubbly for all those in attendance at The Queen Vic. However, Shirley (Linda Henry) wasn’t too pleased about her soon-to-be-ex-daughter-in-law’s revelation, and thus decided to confront her on the matter.

During the showdown, she revealed exactly what she thought of Linda. However, not one to take criticism well, Linda wasted little time in retaliating — with harsh words that left Shirley fuming.

Shirley punched Linda right in the nose — much to the surprise of not only Linda but also all the punters present. However, the landlady of The Queen Vic was taking no prisoners, and therefore  retaliated by smacking her adversary across the face in scenes reminiscent of the classic showdowns between Pat Butcher (Pam St Clement) and Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor).

Following the stalemate, both women locked horns once more as the wrestled around the pub, and they had to be separated by Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White).

However, as the dust settled, Shirley extended something of an olive branch to Linda, and brought her up a cuppa — hoping to make amends. In an incredibly emotional scene, she proceeded to reveal that the reason she’s been so hard on Linda all these years boils down to jealousy — her own jealousy, that is as she envies the relationship — the love — between her and Mick.

Linda listened in shock, as Shirley encouraged her to fight for her marriage — and it appeared as if her words hit home. The Queen Vic landlady wasted little time in phoning Mick so that she could relay what was on her mind — informing him that she doesn’t really want a divorce, and that she doesn’t know what life is without loving him (sob).

However, the reason that Mick was unable to answer her call was because he was tending to Whitney (Shona McGarty) — who’d called him in a panic and, once he arrived at Dot’s (June Brown) house to see what the commotion was, he discovered that Leo is dead — and Whitney was responsible.

The Carter patriarch was intent on calling the police, but Whitney’s words convinced him otherwise, as she struggled to get her head around the idea of being behind bars for such a long time. As a result, he decided that she should join him on the boat party, as it would provide her with an alibi, and they’d sort the body later.

However, as Mick and Whitney exited Dot’s, Linda set her sights upon them. Her paranoia got the better of her once more, and thus she misconstrued the situation between the two to be romantic. As a result, she decided to tell the coach to leave without them — much to Mick’s dismay.

On board the boat, Mick confronted Linda over her actions, but she’d become more and more intoxicated, and proceeded to accuse him of cheating on her.

In fact, she took the microphone and revealed what she believed was going on between Mick and Whitney to everyone in attendance — and used Whitney’s apparent guilt as evidence to support her non-existent theory.

Mick referred to Linda as an unfit mother, and therefore she headed off down the boat — looking for more alcohol.

On the deck, Mick listened to Linda’s voicemail and — after some touching words from Stuart — he realised that life without Linda isn’t something he wants to get used to and thus he set off in search of his wife.

He informed Whitney that he cannot help her, as Linda needs him now more than ever, and helping Whitney would endanger his freedom — which is something that he cannot do to his beloved L.

Meanwhile, Linda located some alcohol, but it was on a shelf that was very much out of reach. Not in the right frame of mind, or shoes, for attempting such a feat — she climbed up on a shelf to grab the bottle.

However, chaos ensued, as the boat was thrown to the side, and Linda collapsed to the floor, as her foot got jammed in the shelf, and an object collided with her head — knocking her unconscious.

With everyone in danger following an ‘incident’ the captain of the Smith-Holland informed the punters they’d need to be evacuated from the boat, but a frantic Mick was searching for Linda.

Water poured into the room in which Linda was trapped, waking her up. Upon realising what was happening, she screamed for help — hoping someone would hear her cries.

Mick entered and attempted to get Linda to safety, but he struggled to do so as her foot was jammed tightly in the shelf.

The water rose higher and higher — leaving Linda absolutely devastated, as she feared the thought of Ollie losing his mum. Mick attempted to keep her spirits up, but Linda told him thathe needed to leave, as Ollie can’t lose both his parents.

However, Mick refused to listen to a word that Linda had to say, because she is his world, and if she dies, then his fate is sealed also.

No, you’re crying.

Will Linda and Mick be rescued before it’s too late?

EastEnders continues Tuesday 18 February at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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