Spoilers: Stuart hits the painkillers after big update in EastEnders

Since he finally had his breast cancer surgery, Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) has been struggling to hide the fact that he’s in pain.

The reason he delayed his surgery for so long was his fear that he could become addicted to prescription painkillers after his operation.

For someone with a history of addiction, the fear of going back to having a dependency on drugs was very scary for Stuart and he tried to deal with his cancer with alternative treatments, putting his life at risk by doing so.

Seeing how much he’s been struggling with the post-operative pain, and how he was avoiding interacting with his new baby Roland, his grandmother Vi (Gwen Taylor) gave him his prescription painkillers. A worried Stuart tried to go to an addiction meeting to help himself cope, but found it had been moved.

In upcoming episodes Stuart gets an update on his condition, and the news makes him reach a decision – he’s going to take the painkillers he’s been prescribed.

Will he be able to stay in control or will his fears of addiction come true?

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