Spoilers: Suicide trauma for Darren in Hollyoaks as he goes missing?

Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) has been struggling emotionally over the last couple of months in Hollyoaks as he battles depression, and Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt) has provided him with support as a result, but Kyle panics in the coming episodes when he cannot get in touch with his mate, as Darren walks down an unfamiliar street.

When Kyle learned via Mandy (Sarah Jayne Dunn) that Darren isn’t in the best place emotionally, he instantly recognised the signs, and therefore provided the young man with some support.

With Kyle knowing what it’s like to be depressed, he’s been keeping an eye on Darren — encouraging him to open up to him about what he’s feeling.

In the coming episodes, Kyle gets a bit of a shock when Nancy (Jessica Fox) surprises him with the arrival of his mum and dad — both of whom he didn’t want to come to the village, and the reasons why soon come to light.

Meanwhile, Darren sits on the couch, before making the decision to get up and leave the apartment.

After doing so, he walks down an unfamiliar street, with red eyes and a bag on his back.


The question is: where is he going? And what’s he intending on doing?

Later, Kyle realises the he’s missed seven calls from Darren and rushes off in a panic.

Kyle is evidently worried about his pal given that he’s depressed, but the question is: will he be able to locate him?

Does he have reason to be concerned?

One to watch: Monday 13 April at 7pm on E4.

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