'Star Wars': There's a Lot Going On in This Behind-the-Scenes Photo, Including an Angry Ewan McGregor

Star Wars gets dissected in ways that most properties could ever dream of. After all, the fan base is so much more than a community built around a movie.

Every actor, character, still, line, and rumor plays into a larger machine that separates it from other iconic series. When a Reddit user posted a behind-the-scenes picture from The Phantom Menace, it showed exactly why Star Wars is not like anything else.

‘Star Wars’: What’s in a picture?

One picture, as discussed by Episode 1 on Reddit. It has fans rolling and marveling at all the details hidden inside. Taking place as Obi-Wan and the soldiers battle the evil Federation, the picture shows a fascinating insight into what these movies look like before the highly-polished final products add their movie magic. 

Ewan McGregor angrily looks at the oncoming enemies with other Jedi in the background looking onward. Behind them, gun-toting soldiers prepare to offer backup for their Jedi allies as an explosion rings in the background. On the right side of the picture, Jake Lloyd can be seen running away, although the timing of the snapshot makes him look something like a Missing Link. Finally, a droid stands undisturbed despite the chaos all around him. 

The Phantom Menace may not be a favorite among even the most die-hard fans. However, the movie magic that goes into them remains impressive, even if technology has rendered many of the effects obsolete. As such, fans took the time to have some fun with all the bizarrity, chaos, and nostalgia-ridden folklore of the picture as they discussed on Reddit. 

One of the first things most of these fans noticed was the seeming inhuman way Jake Lloyd is running in the background. 

“That’s a goblin walk,” wrote u/TheRedditPremium.

Likely the result of funny timing on the part of the cameraperson, Lloyd hovers above the ground in a pose most heavily associated with the infamous Patters-Gimlin film. As u/therealboss1113 wrote, “Looks like a sasquatch to me.”

U/Davdforslunds saw it as an ode to the King of Pop, writing, “Anakin running like he’s Michael Jackson. This is a template in the making.” 

Another user, u/radiocomicsescapist, harkened back to the backlash Lloyd received following the film’s release. “Young Annie trying to escape the fan backlash he’ll receive for decades to come. 

From allegations of an invisible lantern to theories that it was meant to be corrected with CGI, whether this particular shot is in the film is never confirmed. However, the riffs and insight on the photo helps to show why the fanbase is so loud and large. If they needed any more proof, however, the insights on Ewan McGregor’s purported angry face. 

Holding it in

While Anakin dominated most of the conversation, many fans couldn’t but notice McGregor’s strange face as the picture was taken. Likely him conveying the anger of the scene, the photograph gives off different vibes. 

As u/KeySquirrelTree put it, “I love McGregor’s angry constipated expression.”

U/Knight-Creep saw it as a competition, musing, “I don’t know what’s better, Obi-Wan’s midpoop face or Anakin’s Bigfoot impression.”

The Star Wars movies are as much a spectacle on the set as they are on the big screen. From hilarious pictures of green screens in pre-production to off-the-cuff moments like this, few properties have the wealth of behind-the-scenes content that Star Wars has. While lightsabers, Jedi, intergalactic war, and flying machines are the franchise’s sell, so is the artistry that goes behind it. This is why an entire section of Star Wars‘ website is devoted to behind-the-scenes content. 

Fans appreciate this, even when the movies leave a bit to be desired. Photographs such as this help paint just what goes behind making Star Wars movies and how they can become a source of entertainment, too. 

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