'Star Wars': Tom Hardy's 'The Last Jedi' Cameo Was Too Good to Stay in the Movie

Every actor wants to pay a visit to the “galaxy far, far away.” And the Star Wars movies tend to oblige big stars who want to make secret cameos. Of course, just because a celebrity wants in doesn’t mean his or her role is safe from the cutting room floor.

After all, Prince William and Prince Harry nearly appeared in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The princes were reportedly cut because they were too tall to be stormtroopers. But it seems like that wasn’t the only reason their scene was cut from the final film.

The princes would have appeared alongside actor Tom Hardy. And the Mad Max: Fury Road star might have been too good in his brief appearance for writer/director Rian Johnson to include it in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Tom Hardy nearly made a cameo in ‘The Last Jedi’

The scene in question would have fit in during Finn (John Boyega) and Rose’s (Kelly Marie Tran) infiltration of the First Order’s ship. Dressed as officers, they sneak aboard in the hopes of deactivating the tracking system. But in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi deleted scene, Finn — a former stormtrooper — is recognized by one of the stormtroopers.

Hardy played that trooper, who speaks with a Southern accent. He addresses Finn by his former stormtrooper number, FN2187. And for a brief moment, it seems Finn and Rose are in big trouble. But as it turns out, the stormtroopers aren’t aware Finn turned against the First Order. Instead, he congratulates Finn on his promotion and smacks his butt in celebration.

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But writer/director Rian Johnson cut Hardy for an interesting reason

As written, Hardy’s scene could have gotten a big laugh. But considering where it comes in the movie, perhaps that moment isn’t the best place to deflate the movie’s momentum with a joke. To be sure, Hardy nails the moment with what seems to be a reprisal of his voice from The Revenant. But in the end, his committed performance just doesn’t fit with Star Wars.

But that isn’t the only reason Hardy missed out on making his Star Wars debut. Johnson admitted to cutting a lot of material to tighten the movie’s pace. So, again, a lighter moment like this one no longer had a place in the story. Besides, editor Bob Ducsay revealed to Collider that the Finn and Rose story was taking up more time than it needed to.

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Could the actor return to ‘Star Wars’ in a larger role?

Considering how divisive the Finn and Rose plotline is, perhaps Johnson should have cut it back even more. Still, it’s a pity Hardy didn’t get to put a Star Wars movie on his resume. But perhaps the actor could get another chance down the line. After all, Lucasfilm reportedly has several Star Wars movies in the works, including one from director Taika Waititi.

Hardy has proven he’s willing to commit to a franchise, as he’s currently starring in Sony’s Venom series. And he’s taken on physically demanding roles like Mad Max: Fury Road. Best of all, his impressive acting range means he would be equally perfect playing a villain or hero. That being said, imagine how much fun Hardy would have on the Dark Side.

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