Strictly Come Dancing 2018 week four: All the performances, judges' comments and scores

It’s been a quiet seven days in the world of Strictly Come Dancing

Oh, who are we kidding? It’s been front page news all week, as Seann Walsh and Katya Jones’ kiss scandal dominated the headlines, and got everyone talking. But thankfully, it’s time to turn our attentions back to the dancefloor.

Tonight (October 13), all of the remaining celebs and their pro partners (yes, including Seann and Katya) performed for the judges and the voting public. How did they all do? Find out below:

Joe Sugg and professional partner Dianne Buswell took on the Cha Cha to ‘Just Got Paid’ by Sigala feat. Ella Eyre and Meghan Trainor

Shirley: “We might still need a little bit of work on those hips, but there’s so many other things going on. Some nice arm movement, beautiful frame – you’re definitely getting there.” (7)

Bruno: “Quirky, individual, charming, a very good Cha Cha Cha. Sometimes you become so angular it looks like a puppet on a string, so get those hips moving in a more rounded way.” (7)

Craig: “I thought it was a little bit over-placed and lacked a bit of fluidity, but I have to say, you have really surprised me, you are so watchable.” (5)

Darcey: “It’s difficult for any celebrity man to achieve that attitude, and confidence, but you definitely pulled that off. Dianne, you’ve done wonders.” (7)

Vick Hope and professional partner Graziano di Prima tackled the Quickstep to ‘Can’t Hurry Love’ by Diana Ross and the Supremes

Bruno: “Sweet, light, fluffy, it was like candyfloss. Very, very difficult dance and yet you never stumbled.” (8)

Craig: “The improvement is absolutely vast, you really have come to life. Your left elbow droops a little bit, a little bit trotty, but I absolutely loved the choreography. Well done.” (7)

Darcey: “There was quite a lot of bounce, but what you’ve been working on is that frame – oh my goodness! If you can bring that focus and come back next week, I’m going to be very happy.” (7)

Shirley: “From week two, when you first did the waltz, this is a huge improvement. Of course you’ve got to keep learning, but for me, a very, very good improvement.” (7)

Danny John-Jules and professional partner Amy Dowden danced a Viennese waltz to the Sammy Davis Jr song ‘I’ve Gotta Be Me’

Craig: “You have over-expressive hands, they’re a little bit too floral. I loved the amount of rotation, [but] your thumb, darling – it was sticking up.” (6)

Darcey: “How you started was divine. You have one of the best postures in the competition. If you could relax those knees it would really help take off. You have all the goods to be at the top of this competition so keep working.” (7)

Shirley: “I was really impressed with your sidestep. Not consistent all the way through but definitely a step in the right direction.” (7)

Bruno: “[Your] arms were swinging like a wind turbine. Even when you made a mistake, you covered it. You’ve got the skills and you’re able to push it even further.” (7)

Faye Tozer and professional partner Giovanni Pernice did the Rumba to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

Darcey: “You did some really lovely things. You have this wonderful ability to express your feelings, but it’s sometimes just [in the face]. I would love that to follow through. I’m being picky because you are good.” (7)

Shirley: “You found a good balance between some exciting highlights and some basic steps. The feeling was held, but I didn’t really believe it. There was a lot in what you did that I really enjoyed, but I like seamless transitions.” (7)

Bruno: “It was like a goddess making herself available and giving herself to her man. Yes, sometimes you lost a kind of liquid fluidity, but I think it was a very strong performance.” (8)

Craig: “I miss the connectivity between you. You may have felt it but it didn’t appear to us. You’re a beautiful dancer, there is no doubt about it.” (7)

Katie Piper and professional partner Gorka Marquez performed the Jive to ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love’ by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

Shirley: “You danced a lot more than last week, so that’s a plus. I want you to continue to work on your timing.” (5)

Bruno: “You really had a good go, you enjoyed yourself and we enjoyed ourselves watching. Yes, timing. Listen to the music, feel the beat through the body, work on that.” (5)

Craig: “It was really off time and it was very stompy as well. I don’t think this is your particular dance.” (3)

Darcey: “It was so endearing. The action was sweet as well. If you could be more sharp with those kicks… but you are improving so well done.” (5)

Charles Venn and professional partner Karen Clifton did a Salsa to ‘Use It Up and Wear It Out’ by Odyssey

Bruno: “It wasn’t your traditional salsa, a lot of the steps were disco-y. It could have done with a little bit more [does some sexy hip action].” (7)

Craig: “There was a lot going on. I loved the lifts. You do have the capacity to do the forward-and-back basic with those hips, but they were non-existent for some reason. I still loved it.” (6)

Darcey: “You have a wonderful and natural rhythm. If you weren’t taking such large steps, I think you would produce much better hip action. You’re a large man – you sometimes just need to contain it more.” (6)

Shirley: “Good job on the choreography, Karen. But the changing of weight… if you’re more secure with the change of weight, you’ll find that you get a lot more things going on with your body.” (6)

Lauren Steadman and professional partner AJ Pritchard danced the Quickstep to ‘If You’re Over Me’ by Years and Years

Craig: “There were a few mistakes, but [it’s] the most energy we have seen in your body so far. Well done.” (6)

Darcey: “Beautiful work. It was such a shame you came out of sync twice. The difference that you’re giving off… you look confident.” (6)

Shirley: “You had a beautiful soft curve into his right arm, you had some beautiful footwork in there, and unfortunately you went wrong several times. Keep plugging away because I think you’re going to surprise us all.” (6)

Bruno: “OK, you went wrong a couple of times, but the rest of the times were gorgeous. You can do it!” (7)

Dr Ranj Singh and professional partner Janette Manrara danced a Paso Doble to ‘Canción del Mariachi’ by Los Lobos

Darcey: “What a nice surprise! There were real signs of a true matador – your focus, your intent, your drama. The lines could be improved. But my goodness, I quite like that side of you.” (7)

Shirley: “You made no mistakes, you were clear with some beautiful, basic elements. Very, very good. An improvement from last week.” (7)

Bruno: “It really sang to me. You have to pull out of those hips and keep those shoulders down. You put a little bit of flamenco in it – good touch.” (7)

Craig: “I felt like it wasn’t danced, I felt like it was deliberately being placed. But you did really, really well.” (6)

Kate Silverton and professional partner Aljaž Škorjanec danced a Samba to ‘Africa’ by Toto

Shirley: “I like your charisma, but in Latin, you cannot step forward on your heel with your weight so far back. There were too many foot faults for me. Not your best night.” (5)

Bruno: “It was a trip. You got stuck quite a few times. I could see you fighting, you couldn’t get into the natural bounce.” (6)

Craig: “The dance belonged behind the news desk.” (4)

Darcey: “It was the sense of surprise on your face when you were trying to achieve a lot with Aljaž – just not as comfortable as I’ve seen you in the other dances.” (5)

Graeme Swann and professional partner Oti Mabuse did a Jive to the classic Queen song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Bruno: “You did not miss a beat. You’re a bit flat-footed at times, but so much fun.” (7)

Craig: “Technically, it needs to be a lot more exacting and it needs a lot more precision. As a Jive I think it was poor, but as an entertainment piece I thought it was great.” (5)

Darcey: “The timing is very good. I would like sharper kicks – you’re kind of one-sided, you’re always on your left but not on your right. But there’s a full high-energy performance being sold.” (7)

Shirley: “I rather liked it actually, and everything about your personality – you’re larger than life. You’re starting to become really quite consistent.” (7)

Ashley Roberts and professional partner Pasha Kovalev Tangoed to Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Craig: “It was sharp, it was staccato. I don’t know whether I’m fond of mixing the Argentine Tango with the ballroom Tango, but I decided by the end of it it was a good idea. I loved it!” (8)

Darcey: “You started brilliantly, it’s just the second half… The emotion goes into the shoulders, you get a very straight arm. If you could just calm down… because it’s a beautiful routine otherwise.” (8)

Shirley: “You were bouncing a little bit off his body and you couldn’t get the neckline. Some nice footwork, some footwork that still needs to be worked on, but overall congratulations.” (8)

Bruno: “It was so powerful, it was so theatrical. You weren’t just the girl being thrown around the dancefloor, you were in charge as much as he was, and I love that attitude.” (8)

Seann Walsh and professional partner Katya Jones performed a Charleston to LunchMoney Lewis‘ ‘Bills’

Darcey: “That was a full routine! You delivered it with great energy, great attack. There were some really tricky lifts in there. There are moments where you do become slightly clumsy, but overall, very strong character.” (7)

Shirley: “That routine was outstanding. Totally entertaining. I loved it, I thought you did extremely well.” (8)

Bruno: “You threw everything at it but the kitchen sink. It was so manic but manic in a good way. The finish at times was a little bit gangly, but you went for it.” (7)

Craig: “What I love about you, Katya, is you will say, ‘Yes, let’s do it and let’s do more’ and that’s what you did. A lot of it was left to the gods, but you did it really, really well.” (6)

Stacey Dooley and professional partner Kevin Clifton danced a Foxtrot to Jeff Beck’s ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’

Shirley: “It was like a bottle of champagne – it was bubbly, it had sparkle. It had some technique, the frame is improving. For a non-dancer, I applaud you – unbelievable.” (8)

Bruno: “Styled to perfection. Absolutely perfect in the detail. The actual dance itself was brilliant.” (9)

Craig: “Not a classic Foxtrot – it leaned towards an American Smooth. I really loved it, I thought it was great.” (8)

Darcey: “Lovely concept with both of you, how you interact with each other. Elegant in hold. It was very, very nice.” (8)

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