Strictly Come Dancing 2020 contestants will be axed if they catch coronavirus

Strictly Line up

Strictly Come Dancing contestants will be automatically axed from this year’s competition if they test positive for coronavirus, it’s been confirmed. 

Sarah Jones, executive producer of the show, has revealed that due to restrictions and quarantine rules currently in place, if any of the celebs fall ill, they will have to be ruled out in order for the show to continue safely. 

Speaking to, she explained: ‘Unfortunately, if you receive a positive test, that means that you wouldn’t be able to continue in the competition. 

‘Obviously, according to government guidelines, if you receive a positive test, they would have to isolate for two weeks, and that would unfortunately rule them out of the show.’ 

All participants, including competitors, crew members and pros, will be placed in an isolation bubble so they can keep within the requirements to perform without rule-breaking. 

However, in order to become a ‘close contact cohort’, it comes with its own complications. 

‘So close contact cohorts basically applies to people who need to be able to work more closely together, and break social social distancing, in order to do their job,’ Sarah explained. 

‘To be in a CCC, it has to be an exclusive CCC, so it has to just be with one person, and you are regularly tested to be in one. 

‘On top of that, we are also asking our celebrities and dancers to be part of an exclusive support bubble, which is a kind of wider term also available to everybody in the public, but that means that one half of the party has to live alone. 

‘So either the dancer or the celebrity will be living on their own in order to form the exclusive support bubble.’ 

This includes the four professionals this year that don’t even have a celeb partner – Neil Jones, Nadiya Bychkova, Graziano Di Prima and Nancy Xu. 

The new series of the show is launching later this year, and will run for a reduced time of ten weeks – one pre-recorded launch show, and then nine live weeks including eliminations. 

While the Halloween and Blackpool specials have both been axed this year, Movie and Musicals weeks will continue as always. 

There will also be a tribute from the professionals to Blackpool as the series skips the landmark moment for the first time. 

Strictly Come Dancing will return this Autumn on BBC One.

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