Strictly Come Dancing professional reveals why he left the show

Strictly Come Dancing‘s breakneck pace of endless rehearsals leading directly into the pressure-filled live shows is grueling and often painful — just ask Danny John-Jules about those sore feet, if you have any doubts.

But as difficult as it is for the celebrities to adapt to devoting their lives to dance, the professionals work even harder developing the routines and then training their less-experienced partners.

The pace came as a shock to former Strictly Come Dancing professional Paul Killick, who partnered with Verona Joseph in the first series in 2004 and Carol Vorderman the following year.

That was the end of Paul’s Strictly journey, and 13 years on, he’s finally opened up about why he decided to walk away from the show in an interview with Express.

“For us [professionals] the workload was something we was not expecting,” he admitted. “We didn’t realise it was going to be so intense, as it was.

“That’s not something I didn’t like. It was just, I wasn’t expecting that… As a professional, we know how to deal with those things but really, you know… if I need to deliver the goods, I do it.

“When you’re dealing with someone who is not used to that, you have to take that on your shoulder as well and that’s your job. We had to do different interviews and things and so there was all other things you’re doing at the time as well as dancing.”

Paul ultimately chose to walk away from Strictly Come Dancing to fulfill other work commitments, and says it’s unlikely he’d ever return to the show, which is now in its 16th series.

“I think I’m a bit too old for that now to be honest,” he acknowledged. “All these young kids they’ve got on there now, taking their shirts off and stuff. I’m not sure I’d fit in anymore but it was a wonderful experience. It’s been great.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday (September 29) at 6.30pm on BBC One, followed by the results show on Sunday (September 30) at 7.15pm.

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