Strictly’s Neil Jones defends Ashley Roberts as he dances in a dress

Neil Jones spoke out in defence of Ashley Roberts on It Takes Two before performing with a gorgeous, frilly dress.

The dancer and husband to controversial performer Katya, spoke in defence of Ashley, telling the haters to focus "a little less" on her supposed previous dance experience, as he said he "wouldn’t look good" if he tried ballet.

But before this, the performer whipped out a cheeky dress to perform some "skirt-ography," flinging his ruffles all over the place as he showed off his moves.

He told It Takes Two’s Zoe Ball: "Everybody turns around each week and says, ‘She’s a dancer,’ but she’s never done Latin and Ballroom.

"I’ve never done ballet. If I did ballet, I wouldn’t look too good. I think we need a little bit less on Ashley – she’s trying really hard and she’s looking great."

But he had already whipped out a dress to show off some amazing skirt moves, joking with Zoe that he didn’t have the equipment required to show off how Stacey Dooley could utilise her arms.

And Neil was not the only one to try to defend Ashley, as Chris Hollins and Harry Judd also stepped in to make their points to Zoe.

Chris said: "I’m gonna take… it’s like Len, ‘It gets on my wick, this does! The journey.’

"Is it a dance competitiom or a fun competition? I remember getting through to the semi-final and the final and loads of people complaining, ‘He’s rubbish, there are better dancers!’

"But then you have a really good dancer but they don’t want them in the final because she’s a really good dancer. Make up your mind!

"She’s amazing, she’s a great person, let her enjoy it. And you never know what happens in the final."

It Takes Two continues at 6.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday and at 6pm on Friday on BBC2.

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