Super Bowl LV: Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Most Famous Fans (Photos)

Brittany Snow, Bill Burr, and John Cena are also among the celebrities who will be rooting for the Bucs

Hollywood’s dedication to sports teams runs deep, and as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prepare to battle the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, here are the stars that will be cheering on their Florida team. Some of them are passionate hometown fans and some have a newfound allegiance thanks to Tom Brady’s move.

Nick Carter: The former Backstreet Boy is one of the team’s most loyal fans. He can even attribute his dedication to them to his career, as performing with the cheerleaders at a young age gave him the confidence to dance and sing in front of thousands. A fan since childhood, he has remained a steadfast Bucs devotee and even wore a team jersey in a music video to rep his love and bring awareness to the team.

Dick Vitale: The ESPN announcer has been a fan of the Bucs for most of his life — and is a well-known season-ticket holder. Just how intense is Vitale’s dedication to his favorite team? He recently live tweeted an entire playoff game from his couch, complete with Pepto Bismol and weird selfies.

Brittany Snow: The “Pitch Perfect” star is from Tampa and has been known to show her loyalty toward the Bucs.

Hulk Hogan: Hogan, a resident of Florida, has followed Tampa Bay for years and is counted among its most dedicated fans. He even visited the team’s training camps in 2018. And if this recent tweet is any indication, he’ll be cheering for Brady to bring home the win.

Gisele Bundchen: Now that Tom Brady has taken the Buccaneers to the brink of a Super Bowl title, it’s safe to say his supermodel wife is rooting for his new team. She’s already been showing her support on Twitter during most of his playoff games.

John Cena: Another wrestler who roots for the Bucs, Cena is also a Tampa resident.

Bill Burr: The famous comedian, who now might be best known for his role as Pedro Pascal’s nemesis in “The Mandalorian,” will follow Tom Brady to the ends of the earth — and that includes an allegiance switch on the football field.
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