'Survivor' Reddit Reveals Season 41 Logo and Theme

Fans of the long-running series on CBS cannot wait for Survivor Season 41 to begin, so the Reddit forum is a buzz with any possible spoilers for the season. The COVID-19 pandemic put the series on hold in the spring of 2021. The cast and crew of Survivor could not film on the island of Fiji, so the show hasn’t aired since 2020. Jeff Probst announced that the country is welcoming the crew back. So, Survivor Reddit fans cannot stop talking about the season 41 logo and theme. 

Has ‘Survivor’ Season 41 been filmed?

On March 22, 2021, Survivor host Jeff Probst announced that filming would begin for season 41, and Reddit fans went wild with excitement.

“Hey Survivor fans, I have some exciting news to share,” Probst began in a social media video. “Survivor is going back into production. Fiji has invited us back to their beautiful country to shoot season 41. We have all of our COVID protocols in place so that everybody in Fiji will remain safe. All of our crew will be safe, and of course, our players will be safe.” 

Survivor Season 41 will begin airing on CBS in September 2021.

“I gotta tell ya, I can’t remember a time when I have been this pumped to shoot,” he continued. “The past year has reminded me, and I hope its reminded you that you gotta live your life like it’s one big, great, adventure and Survivor fulfills that. So, I am thrilled to say that I will see you on the island for Survivor 41. Let’s do it.”

‘Survivor’ Reddit reveals season 41 logo and name 

On April 12, the spoiled Survivor Reddit was buzzing over the new possible title and logo for season 41. Although the theme isn’t confirmed, it might be “Worlds Collide.” The logo is primarily green with two clear bells. The forum contemplated whether the spoiler could be accurate.

“Let me just say that as someone who makes Survivor logos for fun,” one fan began. “I’ve noticed that last season, they had the distinct bordering for the Survivor title in which they made it bigger and thinner. S40 and S41 have the same editing. So, this has to be real.”

The cast of ‘Survivor’ Season 41 

Although the logo and theme of Survivor Season 41 aren’t confirmed, fans on Reddit have several theories about the cast.

“I can’t help but focus on the bells,” one fan wrote. “A lot of times bells are associated with religion, so if this is real, I could see it being about people of different religions’ colliding.’”

However, another viewer had a different theory than religions separating the groups of contestants.

“My guess: frontline workers,” another viewer wrote. “Alarm/siren bells — cops, firefighters, healthcare workers. Any first responders. Jeff always pushes the ‘Survivor is a microcosm of society’ thing, so I have no doubt they’ll try to do something pandemic-themed.”

It would come as no surprise to fans if the upcoming season had something to do with the COVID-19 pandemic since so many other shows worked it into their storyline this year. However, we won’t know until CBS officially announces the theme and logo for Survivor Season 41 if the Reddit users are correct.

CBS did not return a request for comment about the possible logo or theme by the time of publication.

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