'Survivor' Season 41 Spoilers: Who's Voted Out in Episode 9? 2 Cast Members Are Sent Home

Survivor Season 41 Episode 9 shows the beginning of an alliance breakdown. In episode 8, fans saw yet another “live Tribal” where decisions were made on the spot. Amidst the scramble, Tiffany went home — but Heather, Xander, and Naseer also received a number of votes. In episode 9 two players received immunity while two other players went home. Here are the Survivor Season 41 spoilers regarding who’s voted out.

[Spoilers: Survivor Season 41 spoilers ahead regarding episode 9.]

‘Survivor’ Season 41 Episode 9 began with an alliance breakdown

While Ricard, Shan, Liana, Danny, Deshawn, Naseer, and Erika seemed like a tight alliance through the last few episodes of Survivor Season 41, episode 9 revealed severe fissures. Deshawn returned from Tribal Council with a newfound distrust of Shan, one of his closest allies. He then seemed open to secretly work with Evvie moving forward.

During the daily challenge, contestants had to stand on a tiny beam and hold on to a small pole for as long as possible. The players were also divided into two teams. Each team would have a separate winner who received immunity. But each team also would have a loser who would get voted off in two separate Tribal Councils. The person who lasted the longest also earned a chicken and beef stew as a reward for their entire team.

Survivor Season 41 spoilers reveal Evvie, Liana, Xander, Danny, and Deshawn won the reward as a team, and Xander won immunity. Ricard, Shan, Erika, Naseer, and Heather lost the reward, and Erika won immunity.

‘Survivor’ Season 41 spoilers: Who’s voted out?

With the double-elimination, who’s voted out in Survivor Season 41 Episode 9? The first Tribal Council brought Ricard, Shan, Erika, Naseer, and Heather to the voting arena. While Heather and Erika hoped to work together moving forward, Heather felt her group would absolutely vote her out. Ricard formulated a plan to vote out Naseer, though — and his plan worked. Three votes went toward Naseer, and three went toward Heather, as Shan had an extra vote. Survivor Season 41 spoilers note the group re-voted due to the tie, and Naseer was sent to the jury.

The second Tribal Council brought in Evvie, Liana, Xander, Danny, and Deshawn. Deshawn formulated a plan with Evvie and Xander to get Liana out of the game, which required Deshawn to flip on his alliance. Because of Deshawn’s lingering distrust for his tribe (and growing annoyance with Shan), he seemed completely game to vote out one of his closest allies.

Unfortunately for Evvie, Deshawn flipped back to his original alliance. Evvie and Xander voted against Liana, but three votes went toward Evvie, sending Evvie to the jury.

Deshawn may truly flip on his alliance in episode 10

While Deshawn seemed open to flipping on his alliance during Survivor Season 41 Episode 9, he didn’t fully commit. Everything may change in Survivor Season 41 Episode 10, though. A preview for episode 10 shows Deshawn clashing severely with his alliance — and it seems he comes for Ricard.

Ricard catches wind of Deshawn’s plan, though. The preview for episode 10 shows Ricard, Shan, and others possibly making a plan to vote Deshawn out. This may mean Heather, Erika, and Xander will survive another week on the outs.

Survivor Season 41 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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