Susanna Reid emotional as tearful elderly couple are reunited in a care home after Covid kept them apart

SUSANNA Reid appeared emotional today as she watched an elderly couple being reunited in a care home after the coronavirus pandemic had kept them apart.

The couple wept in the video after the care home staff decorated the dining room with romantic balloons and confetti for their reunion.

Kenneth Meredith, 96, was taken into residential care because he has dementia and he didn't know when he would see his wife of 71 years Betty again due to the current coronavirus restrictions.

In the clip, the 96-year-old can be seen walking through the door with his zimmer frame before bursting into tears as he sees his beloved wife sitting at a table.

He steadily makes his way over to his wife, wearing a white t-shirt and a vest jumper, then holds out his arms ready to give his 91-year-old wife a hug.

But their conversation left viewers in tears as Betty said she couldn't "live without" Kenneth.

Betty asked Kenneth: "Are you happy? These kind people have done all of this for us.

"I have come to live with you."

The devoted wife can be seen sitting at a table decorated with heart-shaped balloons and roses.

The Platters' 1954 track "Only You" can be heard playing in the background before the couple share a hug.

The song was chosen because Betty had been isolating in the care home due to Covid-19, but Kenneth didn't know she was there.

Care home visits are difficult at the moment all owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Watching the clip, Susanna, 49, said: "That is absolutely remarkable.

"This is the crisis in care homes at the moment."

And Doctor Hilary Jones said: "Care workers do extraordinary work they look after these peoples' welfare they feed them clothe them wash them, they work tirelessly every day and give up being with their families to supervise these people.

"They are paid such a low wage and get really bad coverage in the media and we do owe them a debt of gratitude."

Viewers were in bits at home over the incredible moment too, as one tweeted: "Aww Betty and Kenneth ❤️🥰 My heart. It’s made me weep, that."

Another typed: "Betty and Kenneth brought a tear to my eye. I'm so happy they can be together again"

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