Susanna Reid lands in Ben Shephard’s lap as old GMB clip resurfaces

Susanna Reid falls onto Ben Shephard’s lap in throwback moment

Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid took a trip down memory lane on Good Morning Britain as ITV viewers were treated to a series of clips showcasing the Tipping Point star’s dance moves. However, one of these clips showed Susanna landing in her co-star’s lap after he unsuccessfully tried to lift her up as they hosted GMB together. 

During an appearance on Kate Thornton’s podcast White Wine Question Time, Ben revealed he had a degree which could come in handy if he ever signed up to Strictly Come Dancing. 

Susanna began: “You have a degree in dancing, and we don’t see you dancing often enough.

“You won’t do Strictly, we all know why, wife says no, and frankly she is right.”

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Ben revealed: “I would love to do Strictly, honestly, I really would – there you go, that’s coming from someone who knows, by the way!”

“So let’s have a look at what we are missing by Ben Shephard not being on Strictly,” Susanna said. 

GMB viewers were treated to a compilation of Ben strutting his stuff at various different times on the show. 

Ben quipped: “I’m not sure that has sold it – I did pass the degree, you may be surprised to know!”

“You’d lift the Glitterball trophy, just like you once lifted me… You tried,” Susanna shared. 

A second clip then played of Ben attempted to lift Susanna up live on GMB but the pair both fell backwards and Susanna landed on her co-host’s lap. 

“All my training from university, three, two, one, go…. I’ve put my back out,” Ben joked in the clip. 

Commenting on the throwback, Ben chuckled: “Yeah, I wasn’t very good dancing with someone else.”

“It would be fair to say, I am a little hard to lift,” Susanna remarked.

“That’s not the case at all, you’ve got to use your core and bend from the hips,” Ben said.

Susanna joked: “You’ve got to lose a few pounds!”

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