Sweet Home Sextuplets' Courtney Waldrop Says the Show Is 'Just Like Watching a Home Video'

It takes a village, or two, or six, to get the Waldrop Family to church on time.

In Tuesday’s episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets, Eric and Courtney Waldrop make their first public appearance with all nine children.

“It’s the first time the babies have been taken anywhere,” Courtney tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Family and friends have been helping take care of the sextuplets — Blu, Layke, Tag, Rawlings, Rayne and Rivers — since the Waldrops brought the children home.

“We’ve had an amazing amount of love come from our community,” Courtney says. “I feel like they’ll be there until the end.”

And despite the show’s success, their lives remain unchanged.

“It’s just like watching a home video,” Courtney explains. “It’s hard to even imagine it’s on in a million people’s homes. I feel like it’s only on in our house.”

During Tuesday’s episode, their packing list for the Sunday morning trip includes twelve “passies” (pacifiers), eight bottles, two to three packs of wipes, six backup outfits, six blankets and “probably” 50 diapers.

“Courtney and I got started about five in the morning,” Eric says in an exclusive sneak peek at the episode. “We still had several people over here helping. We would have never made it.”

When The Waldrops announced their surprise pregnancy back in August, their neighbors organized a 5K run to raise money for their children.

To give back, Eric and Courtney re-hosted the 5K this year to raise money for the Albertville City Schools & Real Life Pregnancy Center — but in the clip, Courtney struggles to commemorate the big day.

“Momma’s gonna get pictures whether you like it or not,” Courtney says, “so you just might as well smile and act like you’re happy.”

“Or she’s gonna start throwing down,” Eric adds.

Sweet Home Sextuplets airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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