Tatum O'Neal Rips Wendy Williams After Interview: 'She Was Crazy, Like, Literally' (Update)

“It was like non-sequitur after non-sequitur,” O’Neal explains.

UPDATE at 8:49am PT on 3/29: In response to TooFab’s article, Tatum tweeted: "I don’t believe this at all. It was meant as a joke. But I should not have said it. I feel bad. I am all about empowering woman. Not happy about my words here. Should not have said them period. My bad." She also posted a series of tweets to Wendy Williams, apologizing for her remarks.

Original story below …

If you’ve ever watched "The Wendy Williams Show" and wondered if the daytime talk show host was slightly off her rocker, actress Tatum O’Neal just confirmed yes, she’s "crazy."

The Oscar winner gave her not-so-flattering impression of Williams on SiriusXM’s "The Michelle Collins Show" Wednesday."She was crazy, like literally," O’Neal said. "I like went high, she went low."

O’Neal first mentioned how taken aback she was by Williams’ intrusive questions. "She was like ‘you were molested!’…’your dad gave you cocaine to lose weight right?’"

"It was like non-sequitur after non-sequitur," O’Neal added. "She was like looking through me."

"I think that’s she’s even a little bit more non-sequitur since she dropped, since she had the fainting thing," O’Neal continued. "She’s a little…I’m not quite sure what’s going on."

Host Collins explained to O’Neal that Williams popping questions of the blue is something that regularly occurs on the "The Wendy Williams Show," in which O’Neal responded, "I did not know that, I have not watched enough Wendy Williams to know that she would not mention the film!" O’Neal appeared on Williams’ morning talk show to promote her new film, "God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness," or at least, that was the intent.

Although her interview might have been crazy, O’Neal did still express her concern for Williams. "I hope she’s okay. I did worry about her when I left the show.”

Watch Williams’ interview with O’Neal below:

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