'Teen Mom 2' Star Kail Lowry Spills on Pothead Haircare Line … and Fighting Farrah Abraham

The reality star also chimes in on “Teen Mom OG’s” recent cast additions.

"Teen Mom 2" star Kail Lowry is branching out big time.

The 26-year-old has really capitalized on her what should have been a one-episode "16 and Pregnant" gig back in 2010, first by getting onto MTV’s "Teen Mom," before releasing a memoir, children’s book and podcast. This month, she ventured into another new business by launching her own Pothead Haircare line.

Lowry has been working on the line for about a year and a half, putting her own savings into the project. Pothead Haircare currently distributes CBD oil treatment, volumizing powder and leave in conditioner, with the hope to expand the line in the future.

TooFab caught up with Kail for a quick Q&A after the launch of her product, where she talked about entering the beauty space, her offer to fight Farrah Abraham for charity and her thoughts on "Teen Mom OG" newcomers Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd.

First tell us a little about your new CBD oil-infused products and why you decided to go this route.

I wanted to get into hair products for a while but I wanted to differentiate my company from other products, so knowing some of the benefits of CBD oil, I thought merging the two was perfect.

Did you ever imagine you’d be given so many opportunities thanks to "Teen Mom" exposure?

No! Even with the network and contacts I’ll start doing something like writing or starting hair products and I’ll think to myself, "Will this actually happen?” It’s all still so surreal to me. I’m so thankful. And hope the boys will benefit from it one day.

What areas would you still like to dip your toes into?

I think I’m set for now. I want to focus on growing my hair line and podcast.

How many years of "Teen Mom" do you think you still have left in you?

I have as many years as it’ll take me or until Pothead takes off 😉

Have you been watching "Teen Mom OG" and, if so, what do you think of the two new additions, Cheyenne and Bristol?

I have watched it here and there and I like the girls. I’m surprised how much I relate to both of their stories in different ways. Cheyenne’s story with Cory and Bristol’s with divorce.

What are your holiday plans with the kids this year?

The kids and I will spend Christmas with my family. I’m super excited since they were with their dads last year… and Lux is old enough to open gifts and have fun this year.

There are reports you want to fight Farrah Abraham for charity. So, are you down and how do you think you’d fare?

I would definitely fight Farrah for charity. I think we could bring in a lot of money for someone in need. But Farrah is more worried about money for herself, I guess.

Most rewarding moment being on the show and maybe one you wish never happened?

Well, I won’t tell y’all the regrets I have, so people can go rewatch them! Hahaha! But I love rewatching major milestones for the kids, their birthdays, etc. I hope, despite the drama, my kids will look back and learn a lot from not just our own story but the others too.

Get more info on Lowry’s Pothead Haircare right here.

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