Teen Mom Chelsea Houska shades baby daddy Adam Lind & jokes she 'feels personally attacked' by meme mocking his looks

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska shaded her baby daddy, Adam Lind, and joked she "feels personally attacked" by a meme mocking his looks.

Chelsea has found true happiness with Cole DeBoer as they recently welcomed their third child together.

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Chelsea, 29, commented on a meme's page which was making fun of "high school boyfriends" who rocked a hat and white sunglasses as they drove their partners.

The meme also poked fun at the fact that date nights consisted of going to the outlet mall and eating at Outback.

The mom of four found the post hilarious and commented: "I feel like I’m being personally attacked here."

She then shared a series of smiling emojis, sweating.

Fans will remember that Adam rocked a similar style when he and Chelsea dated and had their daughter, Aubree.

Sadly, Adam has not been a present father for Aubree as The Sun recently revealed he has a warrant out for his arrest for owing child support.

The warrant issued on January 11 demands authorities “arrest Adam Lind either in the daytime or in the nighttime” and bring him to court. 

The order states Adam is entitled to be admitted bail in the amount of $2,000 cash bond. 

The warrant continues: “Upon release by court, the bond will be paid over to the Division of Child Support to be applied towards” his debt. 

According to the South Dakota court, the warrant appears to be active. 

Adam was arrested in August 2020 for failure to pay child support. 

A South Dakota Sheriff’s Office confirmed to The Sun at the time that Adam was “picked up on a warrant for non-support of a minor child.”

Adam had expired license plates and was pulled over before the arrest on August 20. 

The Sun reported a South Dakota judge signed an order for forfeiture and release of bond to the division of child support on November 2. 

A clerk for the court told The Sun of the order: “He paid $2,000 bond to get out of jail. The Judge took it and put it towards back child support.”

Adam gave up his parental rights for his youngest daughter Paislee, now 7, with ex-fiancee Taylor Halbur in 2018. 

Taylor, 31, told The Sun in December that her ex is “like a ghost.”

She previously said: “He hasn’t reached out at all. I honestly could not tell you where he’s at. I haven’t heard a single thing about him. He’s a ghost. I have no clue where he's at or what he’s doing.”

Taylor, who married husband Joe Leonard in 2017, said she “really doesn’t know” what made Adam decide to give up his parental rights to Paislee. 

She said: “It was our idea. I think child support was part of it. I don’t think that was 100 percent all of it.”

Adam currently has supervised visitation with Aubree at a center, though he failed to show up to the scheduled meetings on Teen Mom 2. 

He is allowed to get lunch with Aubree at her school with his mother on Wednesdays. 

Aubree stays with Adam’s mother one weekend of the month, though he is not allowed to be at the home when his daughter is present. 

On the show, Chelsea suggested her husband Cole DeBoer, who she shares son Watson, 4, and daughters Layne, 2, and Walker, 6 weeks, with, should adopt Aubree, which would force Adam to give up his parental rights.

When Chelsea explained the situation to Aubree off camera, she said how she did not want her father to give up his rights. 

Adam has a long rap sheet and has been in and out of jail over the years.

More recently, he was arrested in May 2018 for violation of a stalking protection order. The case was dismissed. 

He was also arrested for domestic abuse in November 2017. 

The domestic abuse simple assault attempt to cause bodily injury, recklessly causing bodily injury, attempt to put another in fear of bodily harm and intentionally cause bodily injury charges were all dismissed.

He was sentenced to 30 days in jail with 30 days suspended for the two counts of failure to appear in court after he pleaded guilty. 

He was ordered to refrain from committing similar offenses until August 30, 2019.

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