Teen Mom fans shocked after Kailyn Lowry reveals 'cringe-worthy' low MTV salary for first season of 16 & Pregnant

TEEN Mom 2 fans were shocked after Kailyn Lowry revealed her “cringe-worthy” low MTV salary for the first season of 16 & Pregnant.

The 30-year-old shared the number during her recent appearance on the ShrinkChicks podcast.

Kailyn claimed no adult in her life guided her in asking a lawyer to look at the 16 & Pregnant contract, stating: "It’s so crazy to think about that compared to where I’m at now.

"I s**t you not, I have five different attorneys on retainer at all times.

"But thinking about my younger self signing this contract without having an attorney even glimpse at it [is crazy]."

During her time on 16 & Pregnant, Kailyn was living with her then-boyfriend Jo Rivera and his family and she had no contact with her own mother.

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The MTV show documented her pregnancy and birth of her oldest son Isaac in 2010.

Kailyn, who appeared on the episode with her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-host Vee Rivera, added: "My mom had just signed over custody [of me] to Jo’s parents at the time.

"She never was like, ‘We should probably have a lawyer look at this’ because she wouldn’t have had $1500 for them to look [the contract] over.

"It’s crazy to think about where I am now. I would never, ever, ever [do that now]. I have my attorneys look over everything.”

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The Teen Mom 2 star then confirmed her low salary as she said: “I got paid $5,000 when I first signed the [16 and Pregnant] contract, but that was before taxes.

"That was the other thing – I’m signing my entire life away: my name, my likeness, everything about me for $5,000 before taxes.

"If I would have had some guidance, I’m sure someone would have said, ‘You know what?

"That’s probably not enough and we need to do a little better here.'"

Kailyn also admitted she was happy with the amount of money at the time, sharing: "I thought I was gonna f**king conquer the world! I was like, 'Five grand?!' And I didn’t know I had to pay taxes on it."

Vee chimed in: "It’s so cringey to think about. So f**king cringe."


Kailyn agreed the situation was "cringey," many fans were also shocked by the show's low salary.

On Reddit, one person wrote: "MTV exploited pregnant teenagers for money. She was a child. I’ll give her that."

Another person wondered why no one advised Kailyn at the time, writing: "Wasn’t Kail basically living with Jo during 16 and pregnant? Even if not, I feel like Eddie and Janet would have pulled her aside and likely offered help with the decision to sign for TM2."

A third wondered: "Is it legal for a 16 yo to sign a contract? I would think it would require a parent/custodian to co-sign. I’m just asking questions. But Kail is correct in that her parents absolutely failed her."

Following her episode of 16 & Pregnant, Kailyn joined the cast of Teen Mom 2.

Viewers have watched her raise her four sons- Isaac, 12, Lincoln, 8, Lux, 4, and Creed, 1- over the years.

Teen Mom 2 fans have also witnessed Kailyn's frequent drama with her three baby daddies.


Most recently, Kailyn has been feuding with the father of her two youngest sons- Chris Lopez.

At the beginning of March, Chris made his debut on Teen Mom 2.

This came months after Chris claimed that he was banned from filming with his two sons on the show.

Back in November 2021, he told a fan that he wasn't allowed to film with his children amid his custody battle with Kailyn.

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He claimed: "I told y'all I was told I can't. Somebody told me I can't film with my kids.

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