Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed as 'disgusting' after daughter Sophia, 12, poses with a pregnancy test on social media

TEEN Mom followers branded show alum Farrah Abraham slammed as 'disgusting.'

The criticism follows her daughter Sophia, 12, posing with a pregnancy test on social media.

Farrah shared snaps of Sophia holding a Modern Fertility pregnancy test in her Instagram stories.

She captioned the post "OMG" and "WINK WINK."

There is no indication it was Sophia's test, and it appears to belong to her mother.

But Teen Mom followers took to the TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit wondering: "Why would the company even do this?! Like who approved this marketing strategy?!"

Others posted: "Is this Sophia holding a pregnancy test?! Christ Almighty, Farrah!"

A third shared: "Good God…. What in the actual hell…"

Another chimed in: "What in the actual f**k. This is gross."

Other followers questioned: "Why? This is absolutely crazy. That girl is what? 12? Damn, Farrah. You dumb b*tch!"

Others worried: "Sophia has absolutely no one in her life looking out for her & it’s honestly depressing."

Another bashed the mom sharing: "Farrah is disgusting."

One follower commented: "I hate her so much. Will someone please step in and save this little girl? You know that thread earlier about which teen mom is the worst? It’s Farrah. I’m so sickened by what she’s doing to Sophia."

Another said: "Uh…. what…???! This is sick."

A rep for Harvard University recently confirmed to The Sun Farrah is enrolled as a student at the Ivy League institution. 

The rep told The Sun: “We can confirm that Farrah is registered as of right now in online Summer courses.”

Farrah's Harvard credentials had been removed from LinkedIn after she "couldn't prove" that she is attending the university.

Her Harvard credentials are back up on the professional networking site, as her mom Debra told The Sun her daughter provided “receipts” to prove her enrollment. 

Modern Fertility did not respond to The Sun's request for comment.

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