Terry Dubrow Previews "Sinister" Doctors & "Mysterious" Cases on New Season of License to Kill

The Botched star dishes on season two of his Oxygen series, which follows new cases of medical professionals going "off the deep end"

Between Botched and License to Kill, Dr. Terry Dubrow has seen it all!

Season two of Dubrow's hit Oxygen show premieres tomorrow at 7 p.m. The new season of License to Kill will cover gruesome cases and medical mishaps like a doctor who over-prescribed opioids, a man who performed invasive medical procedures in highly unsanitary conditions and more.

"First of all, the crimes that the doctors commit are very different," Dubrow tells E! News exclusively of the new season. "The first season was more like doctors who went off the deep end and decided to actively sort of kill patients. This season the doctors, a lot of them are engaged in fraudulent activity based on greed or based on drug addiction or based on total, crazy purposeful incompetence. So it's a different reason why the doctors went off the deep end this season."

Dubrow continues, "No. 2: this season is much more mysterious because the doctors weren't necessarily trying to actively kill anybody in front of them, they were sort of sneaking around and using their medical skills and training to do really horrible things and they wanted to get away with it more, rather than just kill people. So it's a very interesting, different season. Much more mysterious and much harder to figure out which doctors have gone off the deep end and which doctors are actually trying hard to help people."

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The famed plastic surgeon says the doctors' "motives are different this season than last season." "Last year was more like serial killers and this season is more based on the other seven deadly sins," the E! star explains.

As for one of the most shocking cases that will be covered on License to Kill's second season, he reveals, "This guy was treating cancer patients and chemotherapy drugs are very expensive. And could you imagine going to a doctor with your cancer diagnosis, being scared out of your mind and he, instead of giving you the proper dosage of chemotherapy, he was diluting it down to make more money to the point where he was giving it for certain illnesses and patients were not getting even an ounce of the agent they were supposed to get. He was living high and crazy and he went off the deep end. That's a different whole motivation but equally as dangerous and equally as sinister and very hard to figure out."
Despite being on six season of E!'s Botched and two season of Oxygen's License to Kill, he's still "always surprised" by what corrupt medical professionals are willing to do at their patients' expense.
"I still am shocked on the daily, particularly this season of License to Kill," he says. "There was a couple of episodes in there I'd never heard of most of those cases and I said, 'This didn't really happen. This doctor really did this?' It's so out there and crazy that it must be fiction."

Don't miss the License to Kill premiere Saturday, Aug. 8, at 7 p.m. on Oxygen. And catch up on Botched any time on Peacock!

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