'The Bachelor' Mansion Threatened By California Wildfires As Woolsey Blaze Forces Evacuations

Quite a few celebrities in California are finding themselves packing in a hurry and evacuating their homes as the wildfires spread throughout the state. Several members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have been impacted already, and so far, five people have reportedly died as the fires spread. Now, reports detail that the infamous house used in the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows may be at risk too.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, Caitlyn Jenner’s home has reportedly been destroyed by the fires currently ravaging southern California. In addition, Kim Kardashian had to rush and pack up what she could and evacuate her home as the Woolsey fire approached her neighborhood.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Alyssa Milano and the Office star Rainn Wilson have had to evacuate their homes, and Scott Baio has tweeted that his family may need to do the same soon. The set recently used for HBO’s Westworld has reportedly burned, and now it seems that the Bachelor mansion is in the path of the wildfires too.

The Bachelor show creator Mike Fleiss shared a photo via his Twitter page asking followers to pray for Malibu and for the mansion the show uses. Some who replied to Fleiss’ tweet thought by mentioning the mansion he was being insensitive to those in the area who are racing to save their homes and families, but others have shared notes hoping that the area isn’t affected.

ABC executive Robert Mills shared Fleiss’ post and said he was thinking of the people in Malibu who were threatened by the wildfire in the area. He added that the mansion used for the Bachelor franchise was truly in grave danger as well, and the photo the men shared showed smoke billowing over the hills. When asked by one follower on Twitter, Mills clarified that the photo was not of the area of the mansion specifically.

TV Guide notes that the mansion used for filming each Bachelor and Bachelorette season is actually owned by the Haradan family. They live in the home most of the year, but they move out each fall and spring for a short period of time while production uses the home for the first bit of filming.

While Colton Underwood is currently filming his run as the Bachelor lead, they aren’t currently using the home. Underwood is reportedly working through his fantasy suite overnight dates at the moment and filming is taking place in Portugal.

According to Variety, the Calabasas, Agoura, and Malibu areas of California have all been hit with evacuation orders because of the pace which the Woolsey fire is moving throughout the area. The Los Angeles Daily News has shared a map showing closed roads, evacuation areas, and where the fires have spread, and indeed, the Bachelor mansion is in an affected area.

The infamous home is on Kanan Road in Agoura Hills, nestled somewhat between Triunfo Creek Park and Paramount Ranch when looking at the map of the impacted area. So far, no specifics about whether the mansion has been individually impacted have emerged as of yet.

Sadly, it seems it will take some time yet for the Hill and Woolsey fires to be contained, and many families, both famous and ordinary, are scrambling to ensure that their loved ones are safe and away from the threat of harm. Stay tuned for additional updates regarding whether or not the Bachelor and Bachelorette mansion is impacted as firefighters battle the blazes.

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