The Bay's Med actor teases return in series 3 from beyond the grave after fans crushed by harrowing murder scenes

The Bay's Med actor has teased an epic return from beyond the grave in season 3.

Taheen Modak has suggested he would love it if his alter-ego DC Med Kharim made a return after his brutal death.

In series 2 episode 3 of The Bay, the policeman was run over and left to die after visiting suspicious properties connected to Stephen Marshbrook, who was also killed.

Kahrim was pronounced dead at the scene in the following episode, which dashed any hopes from fans that he may pull through.

While this death may have come as a shock to some viewers, Taheen thinks there may be a way back for his character in a series of flashbacks.

He told The Metro: "Do you know what, I haven’t thought about that at all you know. Oh my… that’s great. That’s a great idea."

Taheen revealed he kept Med’s fate a secret from almost everyone for 'over a year’ and while he was shocked to hear of his character's fate, at the same time it is something he is pleased with.

"It was kind of nice because I thought, 'If I’m going to go, I want to go in style. I want to go big.' It was a great way to go to be honest."

The actor even compared his exit to some of the unforgettable death scenes in shows like HBO's Game of Thrones.

He added: "If you’re going to go, you don’t want to just walk off and not come back. It’s nice to have a bit of an exit."

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The Two weeks to Live star recalled the moment his mum started crying because she was unaware he was going to be killed off.

He shared: "My mum called me crying because I didn’t tell her that I died in the show.

"I didn’t prep her so she was completely unaware that I was about to get smacked at the end of episode three."

On the other hand, his father had a very different response and he continued: "So my mum watched it once, called me and cried. My dad rewound it again and again and again, because I told him loads of stories about it."

"So the two reactions were quite funny – my mum crying and my dad like, 'Let me see that again. I’m going to watch that one more time. And one more time.' That was funny.’"

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