'The Blacklist' Clip: Red Asks Huey Lewis to Attend Glen's Memorial

Glen may be getting his final wish.

The Blacklist pays tribute to the late Clark Middleton on Friday’s episode, which serves as a loving homage to the actor who died last October, and his fan-favorite character, Glen “Jellybean” Carter. In the episode, titled “The Wellstone Agency,” Reddington (James Spader) receives notice that Glen — his longtime tracker and irritable DMV manager — has died.

One of his last wishes is to have Huey Lewis, yes the Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the Newsattend his funeral. Considering Glen was one of Red’s close loyal friends, it’d only be appropriate for him to do everything in his power to give Glen the send-off he asked for.

“I’m here because a dear friend of mine passed away recently, a pillar of his community, loved his mother, Paula… and he, well, he absolutely cherished your music. He knew every word of every song. Really!” Red begins his pitch to the “Power of Love” singer in ET’s exclusive sneak peek.

“Now I realize it’s a bit of a long shot but I was wondering if you might consider — for a price, of course — attending his memorial service,” he continues, before quickly running through the location, “at the Rockville, Maryland DMV. It’s tonight at 7 p.m.”

Huey’s bewildered expression says it all when he asks Red, “The DMV?”

“Yes, Glen was regional manager,” Red says without skipping a beat, as if that would be the part that would persuade Huey to say yes.

“You do know that Quincy Jones asked me to play on ‘We Are the World’?” Huey replies, even more befuddled by the request. Will he grant Glen’s last wish? We sure hope so.

Middleton died on Oct. 4 at age 63 as a result of the West Nile virus, according to his wife, Elisa. A few days after his death, she took to his Twitter page to remember her late husband.

Hi. Elissa here, Clark's wife. Thank you for your love and support for My Mister. I cannot count the number of times he said "Give the world your best and the best will come back to you," quoting his father Mel. And he meant it! He is in the light, happy and free, and sends love

Clark never let how others saw him define him, nor did pain and disability limit how he saw himself. His father Mel rather taught Clark he could choose his own definition, so he made an immense Will to Good his chief tool. What that helped him overcome I'd imagine, unchartable.

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. For more, watch below.

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