'The Boys': The 'Powers That Be' Gave Antony Starr '2 Words' to Describe Homelander in Season 3

The Boys — an unsettling, profanity-filled, often all too politically relevant take on the superhero genre — recently finished releasing its second season on Amazone Prime. The full season is now available for streaming in all its bloody and berating splendor. Yet, with the way the finale turned out, season 3 is likely to be an even bumpier ride than the first two outings. 

[spoiler warning for season 2 of The Boys

Where is Homelander at the end of season 2 of ‘The Boys?’

The second season of The Boys dives further into Homelander’s twisted psyche. He falls in love with a Nazi and begins a romantic, sexually unorthodox (to say the least) relationship with her. The two take matters into their own hands – in some self-assured and homicidal version of a “power couple” — eventually kidnapping Homelander’s biological son.

Homelander and his newfound love — Stormfront — aim to turn his innocent and compassionate son into a power-hungry “superhero” whose narcissism is uncontested. The dreamy vision Homelander creates in his mind blows up in his face when, at the end of the season, his son kills Stormfront before she has the chance to murder Butcher. 

Queen Maeve enters the picture right before Homelander gets the chance to unleash his fury on Butcher, threatening to expose the plane incident from season one, in which Homelander abandoned a bunch of innocent lives with no remorse. In short, Homelander started out fractured and has only faced even further trauma — often self-inflicted. So, what’s on the horizon for the character in season 3? 

What should fans expect concerning Homelander in season 3? 

Following the season 2 finale, Homelander and Butcher will likely be on a complex, intertwined journey. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the cast of The Boys sat down to discuss the recent season of the show in a spoiler-heavy fashion. Antony Starr, the actor behind Homelander, revealed what he knows about his character going into season 3. He said: 

The only two words that I’ve heard from the powers that be about season 3, with regards to Homelander, homicidal maniac. So, I don’t think it bodes well for some people. But, what that means, we just have to wait and see. 

The two words — homicidal maniac — don’t leave much to the imagination. And, with the love of his life likely deceased and his child no longer under his care, Homelander may wreak havoc on Butcher and his friends. It’s likely that Butcher has not yet won this battle and will need to be looking over his shoulder in season 3. 

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