The Cabins' bombshell new arrivals Terelle and Amani arrive to shake things up

THE Cabins' bombshell new arrivals Terelle and Amani will arrive in tonight's show to shake things up.

Dramatically, hunky Terelle has vowed there will be no on-screen nookie on the show dubbed the new Winter Love Island where couples have 24 hours to find love.

One of the new recruits to ITV2’s The Cabins has vowed to bring some respectability to the show.

That's despite two of the contestants Sarah and Charlotte already getting steamy on Thursday night.

Ever the gent, Terelle said there will be no “hanky panky” while he appears on screens.

He told the Sun Online:"I’m super confident. I don’t think it will bother me to be fair. In the back of my head, the ‘hanky panky’ can’t happen, that’s for sure."

He added: “Normal stuff like kissing and holding hands, that’s OK.”

Terelle will be joined by PR executive Amani Bouri for their 24-hour date in the cabin.

Terelle's promise to be on his best behaviour is a far cry from some of the other contestants on the racy dating show.

Viewers were shocked when Sarah and Charlotte performed a sex act under the covers last week.

Fans have watched the pair's romance go from strength to strength on the show after they decided to stay in their cabin, Otter's Pocket.

Yet, Sarah and Charlotte's latest antics stunned many as they shared a steamy snog in bed before things soon turned x-rated and they performed a sex act on each other.

ITV2 captured their frantically moving covers and viewers took to Twitter in their droves to discuss it.

One penned: "What was going on under the covers eh Sarah and Char Thinking face #TheCabins".

"Sarah and Charlotte in bed though #thecabins," another wrote.

A stunned viewer commented: "Wow, f****ring on national tv #classy #thecabins".

"Did #TheCabins just show under the covers lesbian f***ring?" penned another with a love heart emoji.

After their steamy moment, they decided to leave together as an exclusive couple. Fans will have to wait to find out if they stayed together after filming ended.

Yesterday, Charlotte revealed she lost a stone since appearing on the show with before and after pics.

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