The Chase: ‘It’s in the question’ Fans in uproar as Chaser given ‘easy’ questions

The ITV show, fronted by Bradley Walsh, returned with a new batch of players who hoped to beat The Dark Destroyer to win the jackpot. Playing for £60,000, they failed to beat Shaun, but some viewers took to Twitter to hit out at his “easy questions” after his victory. 

Last night’s instalment of The Chase saw players Craig and Harry caught by The Sinnerman after having only got 14 steps ahead of him. 

Four new players, Steph, Simon, Pat and Vinny, took to the podium today as they all attempted to make it through to the Final Chase.

Only half the team managed to make it past Shaun as Steph and Pat secured a whopping £60,000 between them to take through to the final quickfire round. 

Vinny and Simon both saw themselves knocked out after they struggled in their head-to-head.


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Pat wowed viewers by going for the high offer of £57,000 and impressed Shaun and Bradley with her extensive knowledge.

However, when the players returned for their final set of questions, they struggled, and only managed to get 15 steps ahead of Shaun.

Upon his return, he managed to catch the pair with 17 seconds remaining, meaning they went home empty-handed.

After his win, some viewers were left annoyed with the outcome as they believed Shaun’s questions were “easy” in comparison. 

One wrote: “#TheChase Chaser questions seemed quite easy as even I can answer them.”

Another viewer claimed: “A lot of Shaun’s questions had the answer in the question! #thechase”

“P*** easy questions for Sean  #thechase,” shared a third. 

A fourth asked: “Why does Sean always get the easy set of questions. Half the answers were already in the questions. Cedars is which type of tree? Then nitrous was mentioned in a question for which nitrogen was the answer. Fs pure joke. #TheChase.” 

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“Wow, a LOT (I’d say about half) of his were guessable, as the clue was in the question #thechase,” remarked another. 

However, some fans of the show praised Shaun’s performance in today’s show, saying he was on “top form”. 

One said: “Shaun is actually on top form today!!! #TheChase #DarkDestroyer.” 

“@ITVChase @TheShaunWallace @BradleyWalsh Shaun’s in imperious form today. One of the strongest Chasers on the show #TheChase,” echoed another. 


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After his win, host Bradley Walsh commented: “Very measured there from The Chaser.

“We can be proud of our performance,” replied contestant Steph. 

Shaun praised the duo, saying: “That was a fantastic Final Chase. You know what cost them? The long pauses… I’ve suffered from that in the past. 

“At the end of the day Brad, it’s just another day at the office.” 

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV 

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