The Chase: Shaun Wallace leaves player ‘quivering’ with bizarre impression

The Chase host Bradley Walsh brought a new quartet of contestants to the show this evening to fight for the accumulated prize money.

Unfortunately one of Bradley’s contestants, Chris, struggled to get through his head-to-head round.

Things all seemed to crumble for Chris during a question pertaining to the original “Wolfman” film.

After answering the question incorrectly Bradley and Chaser Shaun Wallace were discussing the accent of actor Lon Chaney.

Bringing a strangely warped version of a Michael Caine accent to the show, Shaun announced: “I’m Frankenstein and I’m here to scare ya!”

As the audience laughed, Chris jokingly announced: “Yeah, that’s pretty intimidating.”

With a smirk he went on to add: “I’m quivering.”

Bradley was left a little speechless as he went on to continue the head-to-head round.

Contestants found the entire interaction hilarious, and began commenting about the exchange on Twitter.

One viewer wrote: “Shaun Wallace and his accents #TheChase.”

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Unfortunately the final team of the evening were sent home with nothing, as Shaun caught the contestants during the Final Chase.

Yesterday’s edition of the show went an entire different direction, as the contestants walked away with £75,000.

Viewers of the show were utterly stunned by the result, and even more so by Paul Sinha’s performance.

Speaking about the Sinnerman’s failure, one viewer wrote: “How did he not know which way a cursor points? Seems very suspicious to me.”

A second said: “Total setup to increase rating in my opinion! The chaser is never that rubbish lol his acting skills when delaying responses also needs to be worked on.”

A third wrote: “Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the new run of episodes than that. Well done team.”

While another added: “WOW well done #TheChase contestants. £75.000 smakeroos between three.”

One viewer praised the team, saying: “Well done team. The perfect episode to start with after the long break.”

The incredible prize left the three players with £25,000 each to take away.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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