The Chase sparks uproar as player makes unbelievable Only Fools and Horses mistake

The Chase: Contestant doesn't know Del Boy's real name

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ITV viewers were left speechless during Thursday’s episode of The Chase when contestant Ella made an unbelievable mistake about the real name of Del Boy (played by David Jason) in Only Fools and Horses. Despite it being well known that Del Boy was short for Derek on the sitcom, Ella blurted out the name Johnny as her answer, causing uproar among fans. 

During the episode, Dungeons and Dragons fan Ella went up against Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett. 

She started off showing off her French skills to Bradley Walsh and asked him how he was in French. 

The host was baffled by her question as he could not speak the language, and he swiftly moved on to the questions. 

Ella, who managed to hit the £5,000 mark in the round, said: “I did a lot better than I thought.”

Her teammates advised Ella to go for the £5,000, but The Beast told her she should have gone for £1,000. 

She struggled with her first questions and the chaser was quickly catching up with her. 

Bradley then asked Ella what the real name of Del Boy, played by David Jason, in the popular sitcom Only Fools and Horses was. 

“Erm Johnny”, Ella replied. However, Del Boy’s actual name was Derek Edward Trotter. 

Ella soon found herself out of the show as she was caught by the chaser. 

The Beast said: “I told her she should have taken the £1,000. “

Her Only Fools and Horses error did not go unnoticed by outraged viewers, who shared their amusement on Twitter. 

One user joked: “My name is Derek but you can call me Johnny for short.”

Another sarcastically said: “Yes Ella. Del is short for Johnny…”

A third added: “Did I hear right there #TheChase that Del Boy’s real name in Only Fools and Horses was Johnny?”

Another said: “She confused Del Boy with The Sex Pistols and thought his name was Johnny Trottern.”

The Beast made it clear to Ella that he knew the answer was in fact, Derek. 

However, some viewers jumped to Ella’s defence on social media. 

One fan of The Chase tweeted: “At least Ella is a happy contestant #TheChase

Another said: “Feel a bit sorry for her, she’s so enthusiastic.” 

“Questions were picked at random and unfortunately too hard for her,” a third added. 

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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