The Circle viewers gobsmacked as contestant Tally looks JUST like Stacey Solomon

THE Circle viewers were gobsmacked as contestant Tally looks just like Stacey Solomon.

The 23-year-old doctor's surgery receptionist – from Worthing – entered the competition as herself to move away from her edited social media presence.

But fans were shocked to see she bared a startling resemblance to Stacey Solomon.

One person wrote: "Tally comes across as a Stacey Solomon doppelganger"

Another added: "She reminds me of Stacey Solomon."

A third remarked: "No she’s giving me Stacey Solomon vibes I can’t breathe"

The Circle sees several contestants living in a block of flats who can only communicate through a special social media app.

The most popular person among them eventually wins £100,000, with losers being "blocked".

Tally is in a relationship but is playing single in The Circle.

Speaking about going on the show beforehand, she said: "I have built this Instagram that doesn't really represent me as a person.

"I really want to go on The Circle to  strip everything back and be perceived as my normal quirky self rather than  these posey, edited pictures. I want to see if you are really only accepted if  you look a certain way."

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