The Crown’s Olivia Colman and Queen Elizabeth II are actually distantly related

For the past two seasons of The Crown, Olivia Colman has portrayed Queen Elizabeth II to rave reviews.

Now it turns out she’s actually distantly related to the monarch.

To celebrate the launch of the new season on Netflix, researchers at have delved into the actress’ relations to see if she has any royal blood.

It turns out the Queen and Olivia are actually 13th cousins.

They are both descended from Richard Saunders (1452-1480) and Agnes Courtenay (1452-1485), who lived in Surrey, England.

Although they probably didn’t discuss their shared ancestry, Olivia and the Queen once met face to face during an event at Windsor Castle.

But this was long before the Oscar winner was cast as the Queen in The Crown.

Olivia first met Her Majesty in 2014 at a film event – but it didn’t exactly go smoothly.

She wasn’t actually aware the Queen was there until she was being rounded up into a queue formation.

The actress told Variety: “I didn’t think she’d be there and suddenly we all ended up in a big queue."

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Olivia continued: “I thought somebody was using the rooms for the bash and then suddenly we looked down the corridor and went, ‘Oh f**k’.

“This man in epaulets was telling us what to do, ‘Just a little bow, don’t overdo it,’ and sort of scuffled us forward.

“So you might just meet your royal highness and just keep moving, keep moving because she had hundreds of people to get through. And that was it.”

The Crown season 4 is currently available to stream on Netflix

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