The Duggar Family Just Reminded Everyone How Massive Their Home Is in Recent Instagram Post

While most of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars kids are growing up, marrying, and getting out of the huge family home, many of the kids are still living in the huge Arkansas estate. We often see the interior of the huge family home via Instagram when the Duggars have family nights. But recently, Jim Bob and Michelle posted a photo showing off the exterior of their home — and it reminds their fans just how large the house is. Here’s what they posted.

The Duggar family grew up in a massive home in Arkansas

Jim Bob and Michelle are known best for having 19 kids — and that requires a huge house for raising them. Their home in Arkansas was customized just for their family, and it’s 7,000 square feet. As for how it was built, two house kits were put together to create one gigantic mansion back in 2006. And the home has a living space of 2,000 square feet so all of the family can comfortably gather in one room.

We can’t forget all of the amenities the home has, too. The Duggar family house has multiple sinks, ovens, microwaves, and washing machines. While they could’ve designed the home so their kids could have individual rooms, that’s not what they chose. Instead, all the girls stayed together in one room and all the boys stayed in another.

So, how much did the home cost? Each house kit used cost about $80,000 each, which seems like a steal.

Many of the Duggar kids still live at home

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On Christmas Eve, 36 years ago, I got down on one knee and asked Michelle Ruark if she would marry me! She said yes! We had no idea on that Christmas that our family would grow to be what it is today! . Michelle has been the greatest blessing of my life, my best friend, the mother of our children, and a wonderful grandmother to our 16 grandkids (and counting)! . Christmas is a perfect time to celebrate the love of family, exchange gifts, and create special memories that will last a lifetime. But most of all, we celebrate JESUS—God's perfect, indescribable gift. The one and only Son of God came to earth as a baby for the purpose of giving His life for us. Of all the gifts we could ever receive, this is the very best! . Merry Christmas! —Jim Bob

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It’s typical for the Duggar kids to court, marry, and move out of the family home. But there are still many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids who are running around the family home. Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordan, and “miracle child” Josie are all living with their parents, as most of them are too young to start courting or move out.

Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar are the most recent ones to leave the Duggar home. The twins are 21 and moved into a place that they showed off on Counting On. They appear to be the first Duggars to move out prior to courting and marrying, too. And they’re still sharing a bedroom despite them no longer needing to.

Jana Duggar is 30 and the oldest of the Duggar kids to still live with her parents. She’s unmarried as well and helps out with the home and raising her younger siblings. Jana stays in the girls’ room with all her younger siblings, too.

The Duggars just reminded everyone how huge their home is on Instagram

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Only James could think this one up and make it happen!! ? Much to our dismay, this past winter we realized that our favorite tree out in the front yard would soon be at risk of losing its giant limbs from decay. So we made the inevitable decision to go ahead and cut it down. Well, when our boys are involved in a project like that, you never know what is going to happen! Next thing we knew, the branches were all gone, and instead removing the remaining trunk along with the rest of it, James decided to test out his chain saw skills! After a few hours we started to see the letters take shape: D-U-G-G-A-R! I think he did a fantastic job on the whole thing, and if there was ever a doubt which family lives in this big house… it’s the Duggars!! ??

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Fans got a glimpse of the outside of the huge Duggar home on Instagram. The Duggar Family Instagram posted a photo of some woodworking James created — and their huge home is directly behind the art.

James used a chainsaw to carve an old tree into his last name, “DUGGAR,” and it now stands outside of the home. “Only James could think this one up and make it happen!!” the Instagram post reads. “After a few hours we started to see the letters take shape: D-U-G-G-A-R! I think he did a fantastic job on the whole thing, and if there was ever a doubt which family lives in this big house … it’s the Duggars!!”

Fans seemed to love James’ handiwork — but there’s certainly no ignoring the home behind the carved tree trunk.

“Not trying to be nosey here but how many bedrooms does your mom and dads house have? It is huge! But i love it,” a fan commented.

“It’s an amazing house built with 2 house kits, to make one huge house,” another verified.

Since Jim Bob’s in the real estate business, we’ll have to see if any major changes happen to the Duggar property as the kids age and all move out on their own.

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