The English Game on Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is the new series out?

The English Game is a six-part drama series on Netflix which documents the origins of football and how the game has evolved over the years. The series focuses on how the class divide was overcome to establish the beautiful game as the world’s most popular sport. has everything you need to know about the cast, trailer, plot and more.

When is The English Game on Netflix out?

Football fans and those who love the work of Julian Fellowes will be pleased to her Netflix has announced an official release date for the new series.

The English Game will make its debut on the streaming platform on March 20 and the series will be made up of six parts.

Netflix tends to drop all episodes of new series at once, so fans may be able to binge watch this one.

The series will be available to watch from 8am (GMT), so fans will not have to wait long to be able to see it.


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Who is in the cast of The English Game?

The star-studded cast in this new series includes Joncie Elmore as Ted Stokes, Kerrie Hayes as Doris Platt and Mark Fisher, Tina Louise Owens and John Alan Roberts as Darwen residents.

Joncie Elmore has a close relationship with Fellowes already, having starred in Downton Abbey and Shameless.

Other main cast members include Edward Holcroft, who has starred in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Kevin Guthrie from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Charlotte Hope from Game of Thrones.

Kate Phillips from Peaky Blinders and The Crown is also in the series but IMDb says she is only in one episode and her character has not been named.

Fans will be pleased to know a trailer has dropped for the new series and is available to watch now on Netflix.

The trailer for the Netflix original is a throwback which reveals the series is based on true events.

There is a clear class divide which is shown in the trailer as a voice is heard saying: “There are people who don’t think working men should be playing the game.”

The series is full of riots with the working men saying: “The time for talking is over” and it is clear from the trailer the issue goes far beyond the game itself.

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What is The English Game about?

Netflix has provided a synopsis for the series, which says: “Two 19th century footballers on opposite sides of a class divide navigate professional and personal turmoil to change the game – and England – forever.”

According to FIFA, the contemporary history of football began in 1863 in England.

Up until the 19th century, football had been played in various forms with the rules not becoming universal until the latter half of the century.

The world’s oldest football clubs were founded in England from 1789 and, in the 1871 the FA Cup was founded as the world’s biggest football competition.


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The competitiveness of matches involving professional teams generated widespread interest, especially for the working class.

This new series was directed by Birgitte Stærmose and Tim Fywell, and is produced by Rhonda Smith.

Executive producers include Julian Fellowes as well as Rory Aitken, Eleanor Moran, Ben Pugh and Eddie Charlton.

Ben Vanstone is a co-executive producer for the series, and the crew are looking forward to the release of this new drama.

The English Game will be available to watch on Netflix on March 20

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