The Equalizer fans left open-mouthed as Queen Latifah beats up entire gang of men by herself

QUEEN Latifah left fans open-mouthed by beating up an entire gang of men herself in The Equalizer. 

The Oscar-nominated actress plays Robyn McCall, a divorced, single mum by day but by night, a vigilante who helps people desperately in need of justice.

During its premiere, which aired last night after the Super Bowl, viewers were thrilled to see Latifah make the Equalizer her own as she beat up a gang of men – and won. 

Watching and tweeting during the episode, fans rushed to share their delight at the action-packed fisticuffs. 

One wrote: “I'm glad to see the queen still kicking that ass.”

“#TheEqualizerCBS  Queen Latifah is bad*ss!  Gurl you got this. I enjoyed the show,” added another.

While a third gushed: #TheEqualizer is pure FIFireRE Star-struck! Powerful storylines & writing! @IAMQUEENLATIFAH is Perfect for this part! Looking fwd to next wk's episode!”

During the press tour for the show, Latifah revealed she’s been loving the action scenes. 

She said: “I like to fight as much as possible! We're getting better with our fight choreography as well. I'm learning a lot about how to do it efficiently and how to preserve my body as well.”

“It's not just fighting for the sake of fighting. It's why is she fighting? Why is she physical? She's not fighting just because she wants to fight. She's fighting because someone did something wrong. She's fighting because someone did something unjust. She's fighting because she has to protect someone.”

Latifah is now the fourth Black woman in the history of TV to be the lead in an hour-long network drama. 

Speaking about her role, the actress revealed: “That’s what you haven’t seen enough of, particularly from Black women on television and in a lead role. We've been Equalizing for centuries. 

“We've been Equalizing from Hatshepsut to Stacey Abrams to Kamala Harris. So it's time you see Queen Latifah Equalize on television in this way."

Fans of the character will remember it’s had several transformations over the years, starting off with Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, then Denzel Washington taking on the lead role in the 2014 and 2018 Equalizer films.

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