The Fall season 3: Did Sally Ann Spector really know about Paul Spector’s crimes?

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Netflix UK brought The Fall to a new generation of viewers who may have missed the show the first time around when it aired on the BBC. The series focuses on the Belfast Strangler and the police’s efforts to catch the killer before he struck again. Season three brought things to a head, leaving viewers with many questions.

Did Sally Anne Spector really know about Paul Spector’s crimes?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from all seasons of The Fall

Sally Ann Spector (played by Bronagh Waugh) was left devastated when she found out in season two her husband Paul (Jamie Dornan) was the Belfast Strangler.

In heart-breaking scenes, she suffered a miscarriage after the nurse was initially held as a suspect by the police, who wanted to find out how much she knew about Paul’s crimes.

However, it seemed she had been very much in the dark about the murders and his role in them.

She was later released and attempted to take her own life and those of her children but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Sally Ann’s fate was unclear in season three as she was left in a critical condition in hospital and her son and daughter taken into care.

Her reaction when she learnt the truth about Paul seemed to suggest she’d had no idea about him.

Then again, she had unwittingly given him a false alibi when questioned by the police – which alluded to her potential guilt but ultimately it looks like she didn’t know he was the Belfast Strangler.

Sally Ann seemed to have been in the dark and this would follow the pattern of many spouses of serial killers in real life.

They rarely realise what their partners have been up to because these individuals are often manipulative and good at hiding their crimes.

From Paul’s journals and his meticulous planning, it was evident every murder was carefully plotted out and he never wanted to get caught.

Consequently, he would come up with plausible excuses for his wife to maintain his secret life.

Speaking to in 2016, actress Waugh said: “People would shout at me in the streets, ‘How do you not know?’

“But I would just ask them back, ‘If it was your husband, would you know?’”

She also previously told Insider in 2014: “It is a pleasure to work with such a charming and talented actor as Jamie.

“Although it is hard for me to separate being both a viewer and actor in not being able to unsee the horrific things that my character’s husband has done in the first season so that I can pick up where we left off with Sally-Ann being completely unaware of her husband’s dark secret.”

Waugh’s words suggest Sally Ann didn’t know at all what was going on.

Sadly, even Metropolitan Police Detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) berated Sally Ann unfairly about not realising her husband’s true nature.

From the looks of it, Sally Ann was a very caring and trusting woman who was devoted to her husband.

Despite his infidelity with babysitter Katie Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi), Sally Ann gave him a second chance and they seemingly moved on with their lives.

But there were little red flags Sally Ann seemed to miss, including never meeting Paul’s parents and not knowing much about his past.

Perhaps like many people, Sally Ann chose to ignore these little details and build a life with a man she loved.

However, in overlooking these things, she was left in a position of suspicion and vulnerability due to her husband’s actions.

Additionally, it was also trickier for the viewer to understand how she missed all the signs given they were privy to everything including the murders.

The Fall seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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