The five best Peppa Pig memes and jokes: From turning American kids british to very grown up music parodies

SINCE its' very first episode back in 2004, Peppa Pig has become a pop culture staple.

The series, which follows the lives of four-year-old Peppa and her family, proved wildly popular in the UK and has now been broadcast in more than 180 countries worldwide. Here, we break down some of best jokes and memes to come out of the show (so far)…

'Grown up' music parodies

In one episode of the show, Peppa says, "I like this, it's very grown up!"

She then hits play on a radio which plays the classic kid's song Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

However, some Youtubers began to edit the clip so that when Peppa turns the radio on some very different tunes are heard – ones that wouldn't be appropriate for kids!

One of the parodies showed Peppa and her pals listening to Nicki Minaj's racy hit Anaconda, whilst another user took the joke even further and showed the group listening to what appeared to be radical Islamic preaching.

Peppa Pig turns American kids British

Peppa Pig was first shown in the US in 2007 and has subsequently become very popular across the pond.

In 2019, it emerged that American parents were complaining that – because of the show – their kids were adopting British accents!

And even celebrity parents weren't immune from what was branded the "Peppa Effect", with Youtuber Casey Neistat revealing that: "My three year old daughter speaks with a slight but pronounced British accent. She learnt it from Peppa Pig."

Peppa's first album

In July 2019 the official Peppa Pig twitter account tweeted that the cartoon pig would be releasing some music.

"Peppa Pig My First Album is available to stream this Friday! Are your little ones excited? You can already listen to Bing Bong Zoo NOW!"

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, who was set to release on the same day, responded to the tweet, jokingly writing: "it's over for me now".

The Peppa Pig twitter account was quick to hit back though, sharing a snap of Peppa in front of a mirror with the caption "Peppa's so fancy, you already know" – a reference to Azalea's debut single Fancy.

Peppa hangs up

In a 2010 episode of the show, Peppa calls her friend, Suzie Sheep, whilst trying to learn how to whistle.

Her pal finds whistling easy, causing Peppa to abrupt hang up on Suzie without another word.

When a clip of the scene was uploaded to Youtube, it quickly went viral, racking up more than 7 million views – with fans expressing how "savage" Peppa's behaviour was.

Peppa becomes an LGBTQ icon

One track in particular on the aforementioned My First Album quickly caught the attention of one community of fans.

The song, called Expert Daddy Pig, was a big hit amongst the LGBTQ community and became something like a satirical anthem, as some of the terms in the song have different, less child-friendly meanings in LGBTQ slang.

The song prompted a shout-out from gay musician Lil Nas X, who even tagged the official account of the children's show.

The show took it in good spirits, however, and jokingly suggested that they record a collaboration.

What is Peppa Pig about?

Peppa Pig is set in a world where every family is a different animal.

Peppa, the main character, is a 4-year-old who attends playground.

Her parents, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig, also have another child, Peppa's little brother George – who doesn't speak in the show.

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