The Girl Before location: Is the house real and can you visit?

The Girl Before: Trailer for new BBC psychological thriller series

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The Girl Before makes its debut on BBC One tonight and it is based on JP Delaney’s book of the same name. The four-part psychological thriller follows Jane (played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Emma (Jessica Plummer) who both want a fresh start in life. They move into the stunning minimalist house at number one Folgate Street, and has all you need to know about the home.

The suspenseful series may centre around two female leads, but the house they move into is a character in itself.

The first episode opens with estate agents showing prospective tenants around the breathtaking home.

Edward (David Oyelowo) is the architect who built the house and he has very specific conditions.

These include no clutter or unnecessary furniture such as books, rugs or ornaments.

Fans may be interested to hear where the series was filmed and whether the house itself is real.

The answer is that sadly viewers will not be able to visit the area as the house is a constructed set.

Talented production designers were brought in to capture the minimalist yet inviting nature of number one Folgate Street.

Writer Delaney worked as an executive producer for the series and he said the location of the home changed for the TV adaptation.

Speaking to and other media, he explained: “In the book it’s Cricklewood but we moved it to Hampstead.

“Because we actually shot in Bristol. Some of the locations are Bristol some are London.

“But we had a very precise postcode for it in our heads.

“So even when you see the aerial shots we know they are coming from the house into central London.”

When asked whether he would move into such a house himself, he said: “I’m very attracted and repelled to people who live these very beautiful lives.

“I think at the core this is what it’s about, it’s about people who think by being incredibly self-disciplined they can live a very beautiful, perfect life.

“Whereas personally, I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m about the mess and the muddle of human relationships and that’s the kind of tussle that’s going on here.

“I’m ultimately more repelled by perfection than I am attracted to it.”

On how he wanted to keep the gothic, eerie feel but incorporate a modern twist, he said: “With most houses, it’s a collaboration with the client.

“But with minimalism you are buying into the architect’s vision and with this house, it’s Edward’s brain.

“You are living inside his head and you are living the way he wants you to live, and that’s the extra dimension the premise gives you.”

Eleanor Moran worked as an executive producer on the series and she praised the incredible production designer.

She said: “I think hopefully we delivered on the look. We were also walking a line between it feeling minimalist but not cold and you want to actually enter that world.”

Delaney admitted when he first spoke to the production designer, he was told his vision would look boring on screen.

He explained: “I had written this very cold, white box and there would have been nothing there to shoot.

“Depending on where you put the camera and how it was lit, from some angles the house is luxurious.

“From some, it can be quite brutalist, from some it can be claustrophobic. From some, it can be creepy and it does all these things in one seamless building, it’s quite incredible.”

Edward actor David said it was “such a gift” being able to walk into Edward’s brain.

The star added: “I had so much of my work done for me by the production design, I walked onto the set and went, ‘I get it’.”

The Girl Before airs at 9pm on BBC One.

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