'The Last Kingdom': Why the Last Moment Uhtred and Mildrith Share Is So Unfortunate

In The Last Kingdom, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his first wife Mildrith (Amy Wren) go through a lot in their brief time being married. Mildrith gives birth to a son who dies unexpectedly and it’s the last thing keeping the two together. The last moment they share is unfortunate. Read on to learn why.

Uhtred and Mildrith’s marriage was doomed from the beginning

The marriage is arranged by King Alfred (David Dawson) andit isn’t a perfect match. The two are so different from each other, especiallywhen it comes to their differences in religion. Uhtred also learns thatMildrith owes a large debt to the church and it further drives them apart. Theymanage to have a son together, but when Uhtred comes home with a new woman,Mildrith closes her heart to him forever.

Their child dies and Mildrith chooses to be a nun and livein Odda’s household. When Uhtred learns of his son’s death, he comes toMildrith to ask her about how he died. Their last encounter together is extremelysad and a bitter end to what they had.

Uhtred speaks to Mildrith 1 final time

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Uhtred finds Mildrith at Odda’s estate and he goes to her. “Maywe speak?” Uhtredasks her. “About our son.”

“You know?” Mildrith asks him. “Then there is nothing leftto say.”

“I’m sorry his death was something you had to face alone,”Uhtred insists. “I am sorry for the life that I have given you.”

“I’ve found peace,” Mildrith tells him. “I hope you can dothe same.”

Uhtred further inquires about how his son died. “Childrenare frail. And you’ll have other sons. I’m sure, with your queen,” Mildrithsays, referring to Iseult. “I would like you to leave me alone. Never speak tome again. We have nothing that binds us, nothing. Avoid me. Please.”

Why the last moment Uhtred and Mildrith share is so unfortunate

Uhtred and Mildrith did love each other at one point and they try to make the best of their arranged marriage, but in the end, they are too different. It would never have worked out between them and it’s a sad turn of events when Mildrith tells him to leave her alone and never speak to her again. Considering they shared a child together and a home, it’s unfortunate that things ended the way they did. They shared many great moments together and to see it end in such a way is sad. There is no chance of a friendship considering Uhtred goes off with another woman, leaving a bitter taste in Mildrith’s mouth.

They may have been able to work things out had Uhtred not broughtIseult home with him. Mildrith can never forgive Uhtred for that and when theirchild dies, there is nothing left holding them together. They may have caredfor each other at one point, but it isn’t enough to save their relationship.

The arranged marriage between Uhtred and Mildrith doesn’tlast and they part ways after an unfortunate last encounter together.

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