'The Masked Singer' May Have Just Accidentally Revealed Crocodile's Identity

It’s usually not easy figuring out the secret celebrities on The Masked Singer. But what makes it easier is when the show plants a glaringly obvious clue in one of its clue packages.

This happened last week with season 4’s Crocodile, which is why ScreenRant.com is now claiming the show “accidentally revealed” the bling-y reptile’s identity. During last Wednesday’s clue package, Crocodile relayed a story about his father not being very supportive and how he gave his dad his first $100 check hoping to make him proud. The problem is, if you’re a Backstreet Boys fan, this is a story you’ve heard before from Nick Carter in his 2013 autobiography, Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It.

One dedicated fan even took a picture of the passage where Nick tells this exact same story and posted it on Facebook. “As a BSB fan for almost 25 years, I knew it was Nick Carter instantly, but I’ll let his autobiography do the talking,” she wrote alongside the post.

Is it really that simple, though? By the looks of things, it appears so. If that super-specific story didn’t convince you, analyzing Croc’s other clues certainly will, including the number five, a pirate flag, and a disco ball. It just so happens that Nick is one of the five Backstreet Boys, he got a Tampa Bay Buccaneers-inspired tattoo last August, and competed on season 21 of Dancing With the Stars (the winner of DWTS gets the Mirrorball Trophy, which is shaped like a disco ball).

Of course, until Crocodile is officially eliminated and/or wins and has to “take it off!” we won’t know for sure. But really though, we have a very hard time believing it’s not Nick at this point. Then again, a clue next week could have us convinced it’s someone else — you just never know with this show!

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