'The Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond Is Scaring Her Fans With Her Instagram Story

She may not be the longest-running star on the Food Network, but Ree Drummond has already made a huge impact with her country cuisine and down-to-earth personality as exhibited on The Pioneer Woman. Drummond first attained fame through her Pioneer Woman blog that explained how she became an “accidental country girl” after marrying her rancher husband. And while she never anticipated staying near Pawhuska, Oklahoma, through her entire adult life (she felt she was a city girl at heart), that’s where she ended up with husband Ladd and their four kids.

Drummond has seriously embraced country life — but fans are urging her to be careful after her most recent Instagram story. Here’s what happened.

Ree Drummond once had to flee her ranch because of tornados

The wide-open country is ideal for having a huge farm, but living in Oklahoma also means tornados are aplenty. There was even a time in 2018 when a tornado was headed straight for her home. People reports a meteorologist tweeted at Drummond when he noticed a serious storm was headed straight for Pawhuska — and Drummond replied back with her take on the event. “We are fine! It was headed straight for our place, so I drove to my sister-in-law’s house with the boys,” she tweeted back while also noting that her husband drove straight toward the storm to watch it.

This isn’t the first time Drummond has discussed how the tornados have affected her area, either. People notes back in 2008, she wrote a blog post about how the number of tornados “absolutely skyrocketed” compared to the year before. “There’s just something going on in the skies this year: the jet stream, the cool air, the warm air, the moon in the seventh house…whatever it is, the tornadoes just seem to love it,” she added.

She recently posted videos on her Instagram story of her driving through a major storm

Drummond may face storms fearlessly, but it was still majorly concerning to see the storm forming on her Instagram story. She started her story out with a photo of beautiful blue skies while she was watching her son play football — but it wasn’t long until the clouds rolled in. As she watched the storm approach, she noted she just had to pull over on the side of the road to watch the skies darken. Then, as she was driving home, that’s when the rain and hail arrived.

“‘Wow, Oklahoma is so beautiful,’ I sighed. Then I saw the Storm Tracker news van pull off the highway, so I thought I’d better git on home [sic],” she noted in her ‘gram story. She added that she got to her road “safe and sound” just as the skies started sprinkling rain — but the following videos showed severe rain and hail coming down on her car windshield. “It got a little dicey on that drive to the house,” Drummond added at the end of the story.

Fans commented on a photo to warn her of the weather


Drummond and the rest of her family may love watching the big storms roll in, but her fans showed their concern on her Instagram photo that she posted of the tornado forming. “Ominous!” one fan commented, while another added, “Is that a funnel cloud?” Yet another one of her followers commented, “Oh Ree!! Be safe!!” And while many others agreed that the storm made the skies look beautiful, they also concluded that the sight was truly terrifying.

Just because her fans are worried for her safety doesn’t mean Drummond is going to stop posting photos of the storms, however. She absolutely loves documenting her home state and hopes to share the beauty of Pawhuska — including the storms — with all of her followers. We’re just hoping she stays safe and flees when necessary!

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