The Rise Of Skywalker Was Originally Intended To Be A Very Different Movie

Colin Trevorrow, the original director attached to Star Wars IX, had a very different vision for how the saga should come to an end.

The ninth and final episode in the Star Wars saga, The Rise of Skywalker was released at the end of 2019. Despite the movie being the climax to one of the most popular and long-running movie franchises in cinematic history, it has been receiving mixed reviews from fans. Just like Game of Thrones, it would seem that Star Wars did not come to the neat and tidy ending some fans had envisioned for it.

Whether you like The Rise of Skywalker or not, you have to accept it. It’s what the minds behind the franchise came up with and it will forever be episode IX. However, those who dislike the movie have just been delivered a sucker punch via a Reddit leak. This isn’t like your regular Reddit leak either, as it actually has a fair bit of credence to it.

In 2017, a different director was attached to Star Wars IX, Colin Treverrow. Turns out Treverrow has a very different vision for the movie all the way down to its title. Treverrow wanted to call it Duel of Fates, reveals the movie’s producer┬áRobert Meyer Burnett. Burnett goes on to explain what the plot of the movie would have been had Treverrow remained in charge in a more than two-hour video.

In the original version of the movie, Emperor Palpatine barely features at all. The finished article’s main antagonist makes one appearance via Holocron message. The message was intended for Darth Vader, telling him to take Luke Skywalker to ancient Sith Master Vor Talum. Kylo Ren acts on the message instead, but is first wounded by the Holocron and has the metal from a melted down Mandalorian helmet welded to his face.

Ren has a terrible time of it by all accounts and is haunted by the ghost of Luke Skywalker for the first half of the movie. He also engages in a lightsaber battle with phantom Darth Vader. Seriously guys, could you not have just kept that part at least? Ren and Rey clash on Mortis, at which point the former reveals he killed the latter’s parents. However, even in this initial version of the movie, the identity of Rey’s parents is not revealed. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, as you can see from watching the lengthy video above.

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