The Royals Officially Dead as Cancelled Drama Fails to Find New Home

The Henstridge family’s reign has officially reached its end. Lionsgate TV on Monday announced that it was unable to find a new home for The Royals, which was canceled by E! last month after four seasons.

The Royals starred Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena, the head of the British monarchy. The cast also included William Moseley as Prince Liam, Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor, Tom Austen as con artist-turned-bodyguard Jasper Frost, Max Brown as King Robert and Jake Maskall as Cyrus.

The show’s fourth season finale — which will now have to serve as its series finale — ended with Willow marrying Robert, despite knowing about his questionable intentions, and Liam discovering that his girlfriend Kathryn is pregnant. We also got a pseudo proposal between Jasper and Eleanor, as well as a shocking return in the form of Cyrus’ ex Violet.

Even Moseley, speaking with TVLine about the finale, admitted that the multi-cliffhanger ending “left a huge dot dot dot at the end of the season,” acknowledging how much he hoped he’d have an opportunity to continue the story.

Are you disappointed that The Royals won’t be back for Season 5? Which loose end are you most curious about? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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