The Syndicate season 4 ending explained: What happened at the end?

The Syndicate: Frank tells Keeley she has won £500

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The Syndicate season four came to an end tonight (Tuesday, May 4) and fans want to know everything about the finale. What happened at the end of the syndicate? has everything you need to know.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about The Syndicate series 4

What happened at the end of The Syndicate?

The Syndicate is the long-running drama series following members of a betting syndicate.

Each series follows a different syndicate and series four follows a group of friends who work at a local kennel called Woodvale Kennels.

At the beginning of the series, the syndicate believe they have scooped the jackpot of £27million, but it seems the prize has already been claimed.

The cash was located between Nice and Monaco, and the fourth season has seen the colleagues attempt to track it down.

They also attempted to track down the shopkeeper who sold them the original lottery ticket.

In the finale, the group returned to England following their successful trip to Monaco.

Frank (played by Neil Morrisey), who was suspected of stealing the winning ticket was arrested on suspicion of fraud and the beginning of the episode saw him urging his wife Cheryl (Gaynor Faye) to help him.

After hearing of Frank’s arrest, the group were concerned for his welfare despite the fact they will win £5.4 million each.

Elsewhere, Gemma (Liberty Hobbs) met up with her estranged father who was recently released from prison.

Viewers quickly learnt Gemma’s father had killed her mother after an argument at home.

Armed with her screwdriver, Gemma told her father she wished he was dead.

However, Gemma was not the one who took her father’s life into her own hands.

Instead, her Grandmother took it upon herself to arrange for a hitman to put an end to Gemma’s father’s life.

After the killing took place, Gemma’s grandmother kissed the photograph of her granddaughter and daughter, crying out “I’ve sorted it.”

Roxy (Taj Atwal) ended her relationship with Sam (Joe Suggs), revealing she was going to go travelling with her unborn baby.

Keeley’s (Katherine Rose Morley) gambling problems continued to pose problems for her and Jake’s (Kieran Urquhart) relationship.

In the end, Keeley phoned a gambling helpline to ask for help, taking a huge step she had been avoiding for weeks.

Thankfully, they had a happy ending with Jake proposing to Keeley at the press conference.

For the entire episode, Keeley and no doubt viewers at home were certain Jake was getting back together with his ex-girlfriend.

Much to fans relief, wedding bells are around the corner and Woodvale looks like could be saved after all after Jake and Keeley put in an offer to buy the kennels.

The series ended with Frank opening a letter in prison from Keeley, where she revealed she was looking after his pet dog Duke.

Will there be another series of The Syndicate?

At the moment, there has been no official announcement regarding the future of The Syndicate.

However, creator Kay Mellor has spoken out about her hopes for the show’s future.

She said she was already working on ideas for the plot, telling the Daily Star: “There’s something cooking. The ingredients are there, so it’s there. But it’s not cooked up yet.”

As season four has only just concluded, it is very early days for anything official to be announced.

Fans can hope for a summer 2022 release date, but there is no knowing how production could be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in the future.

Each season is based on a different lottery syndicate, so season five should have an entirely new cast. will update this article when more information is available.

The Syndicate is streaming on the BBC iPlayer now

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