The truth about Annie LeBlanc’s relationship with her sister Hayley

Annie LeBlanc and her family became internet sensations after Annie’s gymnastics videos unexpectedly gained popularity on YouTube back in 2008. “My parents put me on YouTube, not to get famous, but so my family members could watch me do gymnastics, and it just kind of grew from there,” Annie told YSB Now in 2018. Following in the footsteps of many internet stars, Annie transformed her fame into a tangible career as an actress and singer. Now, she’s one of the hottest teens in Hollywood, with a starring role in Brat TV’s Chicken Girls, several music videos, and a jewelry line under her belt.

Annie has a younger sister named Hayley LeBlanc, who is a rising star in her own right. Just like her older sister, she participated in gymnastics at a young age but stopped after qualifying as a level three gymnast. She is also following in Annie’s acting footsteps. She acted alongside her sister in Chicken Girls and has snagged several other roles like in Brat TV’s Hotel Du Loone and Mani.

Hayley is taking advantage of being able to learn from her older sister as they navigate Tinseltown together. Anyone who has a sibling knows that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though, especially when you both live and work together. So, are Hayley and Annie as tight as they seem to be for the camera? Here is the truth about Annie’s relationship with her sister Hayley.

Annie LeBlanc had some sweet things to say about Hayley

Annie LeBlanc and Hayley LeBlanc share a lot of the same interests, so it only makes sense that they are super close despite their four-year age difference. They have sweetly proven their love for each other time and time again. In 2019, Annie even confessed her favorite things about her younger sister to Hollywire. “She’s really funny, she’s got a really good heart, very good sense of humor, she is, for the most part, always in a good mood,” she said. She also shared an endearing birthday post to Hayley in 2020, writing, “i’m so lucky to be ur big sister. i adore u.”

Hayley also sprinkles photos of herself and Annie throughout her feed, although most of them are quite cheeky, like a photo where she is scratching her itchy chin on Annie. She can show her love in a serious way, too, captioning a photo of them sitting in an open field with “Friends come in handy, but family is family.”

It seems like the duo is taking Hollywood by storm and supporting each other along the way. How cute!

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