The Ultimatum fans outraged at Netflix over Rae and Zay punch scene: Violence is not ok!

The Ultimatum: Trailer for new Netflix reality series

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The Ultimatum, Netflix’s hottest dating show, sees six couples take on an eight-week experiment to put their relationship to the ultimate test. The couples split up and begin to form relationships with other people, and in the end, they must decide whether they want to stay together or if their romance has run its course. However, it has recently caused an uproar with viewers as episode eight showed a domestic violence altercation between Rae and Zay.

At the beginning of the episode, CCTV footage that was installed in the couples’ rooms as part of the experiment saw an altercation between Rae and Zay.

Rae could be seen walking through their house and shouting: “Get off of me! I don’t want to talk to you.”

Walking closely behind her, Zay called her name and began blocking her path, but she continued: “No because when I f*****g hit you, you’re gonna get mad!

“Get off me, Zay, get off!” she yells before the screen goes black and the camera cuts to Rae sitting on the floor outside the elevators.

She was speaking to the cameras about Zay being out all night and exclaimed: “I don’t think a lot of people would accept someone staying out all night and coming home drunk.

“Smelling like the club, smelling like perfume, and he expects me to just accept that and be okay, I was so p****d when he came home, I literally punched him,” she revealed.

After her revelation that the pair ended up in an altercation, they are seen sitting with one another on the bed of their room.

Looking downcast and embarrassed, Rae begins: “I am sorry I hit you earlier, regardless of what you were or weren’t doing.

“I just can’t deal with someone being out all night, and not answering their phone, and not coming in until 8:15 in the morning.

“I called you four times, I texted you twice, and you just didn’t answer, and your location wasn’t working, and you weren’t texting back.

“If you were hanging out with your friends, I don’t see why it’d be off and why you wouldn’t be responding to me.”

Cutting Rae off, Zay began: “I don’t have to lie to you, you know? I’ve been trying this hard, you think I wanted to go out and f*****g cheat or something?”

She immediately replied: “Yeah, I am so sketched out I don’t want you to touch me because I’m worried about where you were.”

Zay sighed and made himself comfortable on the bed before explaining: “I don’t listen, I don’t have to lie, nor do I have to…”

However, Rae refused to let him respond and explain why he wasn’t replying to her, to which she sarcastically thought up a scenario that he was “saving puppies” all night.

He blankly stared at her before continuing: “I wanna apologise for last night, I think that was hard for me to hear, and I just really wanted to just escape in any typed way that I could.

“But, I mean, that is not an excuse, I just want you to trust me, I’ve really been trying, look at me.”

Rae bluntly responded: “No,” before looking down at the bed, to which Zay added: “You sat there, and you haven’t looked me in my eyes once.

“You have to understand that I have been really trying, sometimes I just do want to get f****d up and forget about everything, what can I do.”

Sighing, she responded: “This is ridiculous, stay home and answer your phone, I don’t understand, this is not who we are.

“I was so upset, I literally swung on you and punched you, that’s not who we are, that’s not what we do.

“I felt like it was dumb to say you were ready for an engagement and then stay out all night and not come home, that shows me you’re not ready, I don’t wanna do this.”

As Rae broke down crying, Zay moved over to give her a cuddle and apologised once again.

At the end of the conversation, Rae told Zay that she was done and didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore.

The pair’s altercation and downfall in their relationship came after Rae had spent the first part of the experiment developing a bond with Jake while Zay failed to conjure up a new romance with Shanique.

However, viewers of the show were left outraged and disgusted at what had happened between the couple and took to Twitter to discuss the scenes.

Ruby Lee Ray fumed: “Rae punching Zay because he p*****d her off? NOT OKAY! I’ve seen contestants removed & entire shows cancelled due to domestic violence, but Rae gets sad music over her apology? Where she blames Zay? I’m not here for DRAMA, not domestic violence! #TheUltimatum.”

User @BrobotLtype commented: “Watching #theultimatum, and while Zay wasn’t handling things right by any means, Rae should not be f*****g hitting him. That’s domestic violence, plain and simple. Shocked they’re brushing past this and not addressing it. Really sad to see this. Truly an injustice.”

Jasmine Proctor added: “Domestic violence is domestic violence. Abuse is abuse. Rae should have never put her hands on Zay. PERIOD! #theultimatummarryormoveon #theultimatum.”

@Raya_nyca said: “Can’t believe she said she punched him in the face. Wtf she should get charged. That’s domestic abuse. #TheUltimatum.”

@writtenbytruth claimed: “Zay definitely needs to get therapy for his trauma. It’s coming out in ugly ways, one mistake, and you’re in jail for domestic violence #TheUltimatum.”

With @AngwiTacho continuing the conversation: “Can’t believe she said she punched him in the face. She should get charged. That’s domestic abuse. #TheUltimatum.” (sic) has contacted Netflix for a comment surrounding the incident.

The Ultimatum is available to stream on Netflix and concludes on April 13.

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