‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Billy Admits He Lied To Phyllis!

Will Billy and Phyllis survive Summer’s Phyllis Jr. attempts?

The Young and the Restless spoilers weekly video preview shows the battle just beginning for Lily and her verdict as well as Phyllis and Billy against Summer.

Devon (Bryton James) could not be convinced to have mercy on Lily (Christel Khalil) for running the red light that caused the accident that led to Hilary and their baby’s deaths. Ultimately, he asks the judge to make his sister pay for her egregious mistake. Despite so many Genoa City residents asking Devon to reconsider, he asks for the maximum sentence of 20 years for Lily.

Lily tried to prepare for two decades behind bars, but the reality of something like that is nearly unfathomable. Plus, her twins’ lives will change forever should their mom receive such a harsh sentence. Devon wants justice for Hilary and the baby, but would imprisoning Lily for 20 years honestly be justice served? Perhaps. The judgment comes down next week, and the results will shock everybody.

Meanwhile, Summer (Hunter King) finally returns to Genoa City after her little cruise on “Jaboat” to nowhere. Billy (Jason Thompson) advised Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) to give her daughter some time on the sea to stew over her recent choice to become Phyllis Jr. However, now their brief reprieve from Summer’s seductive ways is over, and there could be hell to pay in Genoa City.

While Phyllis assures Summer that there’s no way Billy would want a romantic relationship, Summer assures Phyllis that she’s fooling herself in that regard. Summer knows something that Phyllis doesn’t know, and it’s that Billy positively responded to her kiss even though he didn’t want to. Despite that, Billy is a grown man who can take charge of himself, so if he decides he’s not going to be with Summer, that should be that, right?

Maybe, but maybe not. Billy has a history of making poor decisions, and he doesn’t always end up doing the right thing. In fact, his relationship with Phyllis started when she was his brother, Jack’s (Peter Bergman) wife. They kept it all in the family then, and what’s to stop Billy from continuing to keep it all in the family with his girlfriend’s daughter?

Phyllis certainly hopes that Billy is stronger than Summer’s outrageous attempts at seduction, but by the ends of the week, Billy declares he lied to Phyllis and can’t do this anymore. The question is, will Billy’s lie be too much for their relationship to overcome?

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