These 2 'Cruel Summer' Cast Members Are Dating in Real Life

The cast of Cruel Summer  on Freeform added another new character for episode 5. The latest teen psychological thriller produced by Jessica Biel revolves around two main characters. Olivia Holt plays Kate Wallis, while Chiara Aurelia plays Jeanette Turner.

However, there are numerous other prominent cast members, recurring characters, and guest appearances. One new face that everyone wants to know about is Gideon in Cruel Summer Episode 5. It turns out that the nerdy boy who went on a date with Jeanette Turner is dating someone from the cast of Cruel Summer in real life.

Cruel Summer’ Episode 5 recap: Gideon and Jeanette

In Cruel Summer Episode 5, Jeanette Turner went on a date to the county fair with a nerdy boy named Gideon. Jeanette’s friends, Mallory (Harley Quinn Smith) and Vincent Fuller (Allius Barnes), are working through their summer list of fun. One of the items was to go out on a date; however, Mallory and Vince went on a double date. Now, it’s Jeanette’s turn to head out on her date with Gideon, who is not from Skylin High School like they are. 

While at the fair with Gideon, Jeanette talks about how she is getting in with the cool kids — Kate Wallis and Jamie Henson (Froy Gutierrez). Later, while she is playing a carnival game with Gideon, a few popular girls make fun of Jeanette. She insisted she wasn’t at the fair with Gideon and ran away from him. Later in the evening, the new assistant principal, Martin Harris (Blake Lee), scolded Jeanette for ditching Gideon. The adult told her to apologize.

The cast of ‘Cruel Summer’: The actors who play Gideon and Mallory are dating

Austin Zajur and Harley Quinn Smith from the cast of Cruel Summer are dating in real life. The couple began their relationship on Sept. 6, 2019. Zajur shared a heartfelt post about Smith on their first anniversary.

“It’s cliche, but you truly are my home, my earth angel, and my light that will always be there no matter how dark the tunnel,” Zajur wrote to Smith on Instagram. “I’ve never been so excited for a new chapter in this book we call life:) Happy one year, my love.”

Both Zajur and Smith share sweet couple photos on Instagram often. Zajur loves to promote Smith’s work and was very excited be part of the cast of Cruel Summer with her. 

“It was out of this world amazing to have him be a part of the show, and I’m so excited for you to see the episode,” Smith shared with her Instagram followers.

Who plays Gideon in ‘Cruel Summer’?

Austin Zajur joined the cast of Cruel Summer for episode 6 as Gideon. The 25-year-old American actor had roles in the movies Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Fist Fight. You might recognize him from the TV Shows Kidding and Point of Honor. He also loves to perform voiceovers and shares tips on his YouTube channel. Zajur was part of the animated advertisements for the FDA, Little Lungs in a Great Big World.

Cruel Summer airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on Freeform. All current episodes are available on Hulu, and new episodes drop to the streaming service the next day. Many of the cast members in Cruel Summer live tweet during the live episodes.

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