This Is My House viewers and celebs brand show 'bonkers' and 'the worst TV they've seen in ages'

VIEWERS of new BBC One show This Is My House have branded it "bonkers" and the "worst TV they've seen in ages".

The new series, fronted by documentary-maker Stacey Dooley, sees four people attempt to convince a celebrity panel they are the real homeowner in order to win £1,000.

Last night's episode delivered four people who claimed they were called Fern and that an impressive house in Ashford, Kent, was theirs.

The celebrity panel, which included Strictly Come Dancing winner Bill Bailey, comedian Judi Love and actress Emily Atack, laughed along as they tried to guess who was the real Fern.

But not everyone was enjoying it – as viewers at home branded the show the "worst TV they've seen in ages", taking to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

"This is my house has got to be the biggest pile of crap to ever be commissioned for TV," one wrote.

Another agreed: "This Is My House is the most pointless show of the moment. Utter rubbish. I can't believe this is what I pay my TV license for."

"Well there you have it, the worst programme I've seen," a third joked. "Ladies and Gents welcome to This Is My House on BBC1."

Others weren't sure if they loved or hated the show, and ended up not able to "walk away" without knowing the identity of the true homeowner.

"Think I just watched the most bizarre hour of TV I'll ever watch with This Is My House on BBC One, but I was hooked," a woman wrote.

"This Is My House is simultaneously the worst and best TV I’ve ever seen – just awful, but I couldn't walk away without knowing," another added.

"It's brilliantly bonkers," a fan clapped back. "This Is My House is wild. What legend pitched this idea and got it commissioned?"

Last night saw fans horrified when a women licked the stain on a sofa in an attempt to win the bizarre show and prove the home was hers.

One of the four people trying to prove they were the real deal, Fern 2 was growing increasingly outraged.

As her others competitors insisted there were no stain on 'her' sofa, she took matters into her own hands.

Pointing at the back of the couch she said: "What do you call that? Peach fruit."

She then leaned over and put her tongue on it, saying: "There you go guys, I licked it. That's how adamant I am it's peach fruit."

Traumatised Strictly champ Bill Bailey, who was one of the judges, looked in on horror asking: "What just happened? Licking a sofa on television."

It quickly emerged that Fern 2 was the real homeowner – with many suggesting her sofa-licking antics proved the was the real deal from that moment on.

One fan wrote to social media: "It was obvious it was Fern 2 when she pointed out the sofa stain when she wasn’t even that close and then licked it and yes I just spent an hour watching."

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