'This Is Us' Fans Are Pointing Out a Huge Problem With Kevin's 'Plan'

Kevin Pearson’s almost desperate search for love before he turns 40 is a powerful theme in This Is Us this season. Even if his adamant search might lead to less clarity in his thinking, there seems to be a clue he’s maybe found the love of his life.

If that woman is Sophie, fans are imploring the show to reveal it sooner than later. Whoever the mentioned “fiancée” is in the near future (who’s also pregnant) is anyone’s guess.

Some fans think Kevin is diving in too quickly, perhaps making the woman he’s engaged to not the perfect one like his father ultimately found.

Is Kevin doomed to be the opposite of his dad?

At least Kevin is cognizant of the fact his love life is a bit messy and the exact opposite of his dad, Jack. Then again, there’s been some myths about Jack finding the perfect love in Rebecca. They had a lot of problems along the way, something the show reminds every so often in the darker flashbacks.

Not that they didn’t realize they were truly made for each other. They still had to work hard to make their marriage work, however. Kevin doesn’t seem to want to put in the time to work on relationships, mostly because he can’t due to his busy acting career.

Also, having a Hollywood lifestyle has perhaps spoiled him into thinking he can have any woman he wants–hence not really being conducive to ever being monogamous with one woman.

Fans on Reddit are starting to realize since his pregnant fiancee seems to happen so fast, it portends he’s rushing things.

There may still be some major revelations from Sophie

So many TiU fans want Kevin and Sophie to be the show’s perfect love story. Perhaps there are some bombshells coming from her, according to fan theories speculating she had Kevin’s child already (a boy) and now pregnant by him again.

Such a scenario would bring the perfect setup for a dream reignited “Kophie” romance. Or maybe he and Sophie are just too cautious after what happened the last time they reunited and broke up yet again.

There’s all possibility the mystery woman isn’t Sophie after all and maybe one of Kevin’s other women he’s already been involved with for a while. Jumping into one of those relationships would be just as impetuous, leading to another possible divorce down the line.

Since everyone knows This Is Us will be on for a few more seasons, it’s not like anyone should expect to see Kevin’s story reach a conclusion so soon. Let’s assume the woman he marries is someone who might bring further problems, leading to another split until he finds the real woman he’s destined to be with for life.

The Kevin/Sophie reunion might not happen until the very end

It’s possible fans will have to wait to see Kevin find his true love in the final season, making more sense from a structural point of view. Don’t be surprised to see Kevin hit some kind of low in the next year or two when he realizes his marriage has unraveled again, this time having kids in the mix.

Dealing with a split and having kids would make things even more challenging for him, possibly bringing back his alcoholism. One can still surmise because he and Cassidy connected due to alcoholism, they’d find solace in one another at such a point.

If Kevin ultimately does go back to remarrying Sophie, it’ll only be because there was further time involved to iron out any differences. Kevin’s “plan” is one that’ll have to work out on its own with the fates, something he may learn doesn’t repeat exactly the same as it did with his parents.

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